Nothing But Photos

Me and Melly

Don’t Melly and I look cute together? Don’t you think it looks like she loves me? Well she doesn’t. Instead of staying home and taking care of me, she is going to Brasil! I’m pretty sure that while she is there she will be ogling other capybaras and comparing them to me, potentially unfavorably. She has already proved her inconstancy by  failing to help me write my blog posts lately. She has been “too busy studying Portuguese.” That is the language that the Brazilian capybaras speak so you can see where this is going. Continue reading “Nothing But Photos” »

Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 2


The water was swirling angrily

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They hadn’t gotten very far when the sky opened up and jaguar drool poured down on them from a whole herd of dark clouds. Jaguar fangs flashed across the sky and their breath blew steaming and warm against baby capybaras’ fur. All of the capybara clouds had fled to the other side of the world beyond the tall mountains where the sun went to sleep in the evenings.

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Biting Leopolda

My after pool run

I have a little ritual that I follow every afternoon after I get out of the pool. Actually, I have rituals for every time of day, but in this blog post I’m only going to talk about my after pool ritual. Anyway, it starts out with a run, as you can see in the photo above. My run isn’t very long. Sometimes I go all the way to the house, but sometimes I stop as soon as I see something good to eat. Continue reading “Biting Leopolda” »

Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 1


Willow, Oak and Maple

Hi all! Melly and I have decided to try something new. We are writing a short story and we thought we would share it with you as we go along. Not too much of it is written yet, which makes it more exciting! We’d love to hear comments about what you think should happen next! So here we go with Part 1 of Three Baby Capybaras! Continue reading “Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 1” »

My Big Boy Fur

Baby fur

This is me on the day I came to live with Melly and my Rick. I wasn’t even 10 months old yet. I sure had a big head! And I was scared of everything. But the point of this blog post is my fur. See how nice and red it is? And how short? It is a little longer on my body than on my head, but not by a whole lot. That is baby capybara fur. Continue reading “My Big Boy Fur” »