A Visit to Philip’s House

In the car...again!

No adventure is good that starts with a car trip. I have learned this the hard way. In fact, I have learned that no adventure is good. Capybaras were not made for adventures, and I am no exception.

Flopsy the Killer Cat

One thing that made this car trip better than most wast that Flopsy the Killer Cat came with me. Melly and Coral are always saying that Flopsy is good in the car. I don’t know about that. He seemed a little stressed out. Maybe he knew we were going to have and adventure.

Flopsy the Killer Cat

Flopsy can crawl around the car much better than I can. I wish he would have stayed in the back with me and Melly. He came back a little and rubbed his head on my chin, but then he left. Melly said she wouldn’t get a photo of that because we were too close. I don’t know how that even makes sense but then I don’t really understand photography.

At Philip's House

There were too many cars in the driveway.

Philip is Melly’s son. He and his little family, including wife Monica and daughter Celeste, moved into their first house a couple of months ago. This was my first visit to it, although Melly threatens–I mean “promises”–there will be more.

Inside Philip's house

The house is a bit of a mess. Melly said Philip and his family are trying to ruin it. It was beautiful when they moved in but they feel the need to change everything so that means they can’t unpack and really move in for a long time. Maybe never judging by how much work they’ve already done and how much they have left to do.

Me in a turtle pool

I liked the back yard the best. Philip put out a little pool for me. A little, tiny pool that I could hardly sit in. Still, it helped me remain calm to be in water, even if it’s not much.


It isn’t as big a yard as my yard at home, but it is still good sized and more wild than I am used to. The grass was nice and tall but I was too nervous to eat. And what’s on the other side of that fence?

Wading in the grass

Philip has a lot of bird feeders and squirrel feeders out and yet none of the birds or squirrels would come land on my back.

Sun and shade and capybara

After I was done with my exploration, I took a short rest enjoying the nice mix of sun and shade and the grassy ambiance. Very pleasant.

Not deep enough!

Then it was back to the turtle pool for a little cooling off both physically and emotionally. I wanted to roll but there just wasn’t enough room.


Time for a little quiet conversation while admiring nature, such as it is.

Time for more exploration

Human conversation can be pretty boring so I did another survey of the yard.

You moved!

When I came back, I found Coral had moved and was now sitting in the grass. I like that. I sit in the grass all the time.

Can I share your iced tea?

Coral offered to share her iced tea but she said I have to drink out of a straw! I can’t drink from a straw! She must know that. It seemed like a nice thing but really it was mean. I had to go back to my pool and drink from that. Since it was 104 F outside, we were all a little thirsty.

Let's go back inside

Like I said, it was 104 degrees outside, which is fine for me but Melly decided to go inside and I decided to follow her. There’s more to a house than a yard, although the yard is the most important part.

On the couch with Kate

When I came in the house, three people were sitting on the couch: Monica, Celeste and Celeste’s friend Kate. After I sat down, only Kate was left. I don’t know why. I was willing to share, as long as they gave me enough room. I guess it was better with just the two of us anyway. (Celeste might be a little afraid of me.)

Me, Philip, Monica & Flopsy

Of course Melly brought my bed so after a while I got off the couch and got in my own bed. Philip and Monica (behind that stuff) are both sitting on the couch, but do you see Flopsy the Killer Cat?

Flopsy the Killer Cat

Flopsy spent the whole visit under the couch! I am not a brave capybara but I am braver than that! (Or I don’t fit under the couch, take your pick.)


Coral carrying Flopsy out to the car

Finally it was time to go home. Just when I was used to being there! Well, I was looking forward to my own pool, which is more than three inches deep.

Flopsy on the drive home

Flopsy was more relaxed on the drive home, and so was I. I wonder if we’ll both be calmer next time we go over to Philip’s. Maybe. Maybe not.

10 comments to A Visit to Philip’s House

  • Laurie Coppola

    You both did really well, and Flopsie definitely topped you in being scared. Maybe next trip he will spend more time in the back with you and Melly!

  • Donna

    Glad you survived the trip, but demand a bigger pool before you are willing to grace them with your presence again.

  • Gari, we need to talk! There were plenty of opportunities for biting furniture, upending garbage cans, pulling blankets down, MARKING! that house needed marking BIG TIME! Have some pride, Gari! What if another capybara visits there while you are away?

  • I think you are becoming more and more regal looking Gari. Some great shots there.

  • ratfancy

    The adventures always make me smile – and forgive me Gari – laugh! You always (in the end) find something positive in your travels. Being an ambassador isn’t all roses all the time!

  • looks like you were a good boy on your trip..glad to see that

  • Shannon Zapf

    Another awesome blog post. I love your sense of humor! 🙂

  • Janet Lutkus

    Ah! You’ve survived another adventure Gari–and wonderfully. Thanks for all the great pictures and for sharing your day. You always bring such light to mine. (Be careful what advice you take from Dobbye — he’ll get you in big trouble!)

  • Oh Gari, the picture of you in the turtle pool is the best! Hope you had a good time on your adventure.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Large capy in a little pool! I think you should suggest a larger pool when you go to visit Philip’s.

    I enjoyed your adventure — didn’t seem TOO bad — with the nice yard.

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