My Big Boy Fur

Baby fur

This is me on the day I came to live with Melly and my Rick. I wasn’t even 10 months old yet. I sure had a big head! And I was scared of everything. But the point of this blog post is my fur. See how nice and red it is? And how short? It is a little longer on my body than on my head, but not by a whole lot. That is baby capybara fur.

Baby Caplin

The photo above shows Caplin Rous when he was not quite one month old. You can see that his fur was very red all over his body and it was all the same length. That is how the fur is on all baby capybaras.

3.5-year-old Caplin Rous

This is what Caplin Rous looked like when he was my age. You can see that the fur on his body had gotten longer and lighter in color while the fur on his face was still short and red.

Caplin's fur (plus Oakley Bunny)

Here’s another photo showing how spectacular Caplin Rous’ fur was. It doesn’t look as light colored in this photo but I think that is because it was taken at sunset.

Well, Dobbye Winnick has been making fun of me and asking me when I was going to get my “big boy fur.”

Me at two years old

I guess it doesn’t make me look any older to be snuggling Super Capy, but you can see that at two years old my fur was still all red and fairly short. Melly said I shouldn’t be in a hurry to grow up, but I couldn’t help dreaming about the day my fur would be long. Is it true blonds have more fun? I wanted to be a blond and see.

My fur today

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but in the last year and a half, I quietly acquired full-blown adult capybara fur! In fact, I think my fur is more beautiful and dramatic than Dobbye’s and maybe–dare I say it?–even Caplin’s! It’s not as long, I think, but it makes a very sharp contrast with my face that I think certain capybaras lack. Plus, I have the whitish cap on my forehead that is typical of my family (the offspring of Capy and Scarlet at Kapi’yva Exotics).

Shaking off the water from the pool

The photo above gives a good idea of how long my fur is. But you might be asking why it all looks like it’s red. That’s an interesting thing about my fur, even though it is now blond when it is dry, it is still red when it is wet! I’m a chameleon capybara! A capy of a different color! I wonder if Dobbye can do that.

15 comments to My Big Boy Fur

  • Janet Lutkus

    What a wonderful blog Gari! So you’ve finally gotten your BIG BOY fur? You certainly are one handsome capybara. So what did you decide — Do blonds have more fun? 🙂

  • Minta

    I already know the answer – we blondes DO have more fun, don’t we?!

  • Minta

    I already know the answer – we blondes DO have more fun, don’t we?!

  • Minta

    Where did the rest of my letter go? Dare I try again? I already know the answer – we blondes DO have more fun, don’t we?!

  • Minta

    I guess the system didn’t like my emoji – here’s the rest, w/o them: You are SO handsome – & I LOVE your cap! Very, very stylin’. My “canine capy”, McCorkle, is a bit envious of that cap – he has to put on his camouflage hoodie in order to have a cap…& it’s cotton, not fur! But in it, he looks like a Marine Gunny, which he likes, and in or out – as long as he has a chewie stick in his mouth (like a cigar), he looks like Winston Churchill. In a good way…heehee I bet you’d look very distinguished w/a chewie in your mouth…because you are just distinguished, period! Thank you for daring your life with us! Hugs & kisses to you from all 5 of us (3 canine, 2 human)

  • Oh Gari, you do look very handsome now! Mature capybaras can grow a “mane” like a lion, long hair around the face. We also get big long feathery fur around the nether regions, especially at the back of the legs. I have had individual pieces of fur measure longer than 6″! I keep shedding, and we’re not quite sure why, but we do know my blankets may be partially to blame. The bald spot over my right rear fender is starting to grow back in, though!

  • Damien N Sally CHAN

    Thanks for sharing with us pictures of Caplin Rous.

    Nice to meet you, Gari. Just learnt that you’re that unique – blue-blooded. And even unique on your appearance.

    A red head and a blondie at the same time… I’m sure many people envy you just for that.

  • Such handsome fur! You’re all grown up now!

  • Lynn Marcotte

    Fascinating, I had no idea abt this changing fur!

  • Wendy

    Gari love your MANLY fur. Let me know if blondes do have more fun. Changing colors when wet very impressive. I go from Grad to brown after I go to the hairdressers haha so I guess we are sort of alike.

  • Lisa

    looking very manly Gari! time for a lady capy friend?

  • Cyndi

    You’re a blonde and a red head, like me! That’s means we have double the fun!

  • Kristen from MA

    Oh Gari, you are such a beautiful capy!

  • My goodness, you were such a cute little baby capy! You’re still pretty cute Gari.

  • Laurie Coppola

    Love the new fur! You are definitely a distinguished gentleman capy now 🙂

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