Nothing But Photos

Me and Melly

Don’t Melly and I look cute together? Don’t you think it looks like she loves me? Well she doesn’t. Instead of staying home and taking care of me, she is going to Brasil! I’m pretty sure that while she is there she will be ogling other capybaras and comparing them to me, potentially unfavorably. She has already proved her inconstancy by  failing to help me write my blog posts lately. She has been “too busy studying Portuguese.” That is the language that the Brazilian capybaras speak so you can see where this is going.

Anyway, I got her to help me make this one quick post, then I won’t be able to make another post until the first weekend in September. That is two whole weeks from now! So I hope you enjoy these photos. Melly says she doesn’t have time to do much typing today because she has to catch a plane to take her away from me. Not her exact words but you get the idea.

I fly through the water with the greatest of ease...


Swimming makes me happy...but not swimming alone

This shows how I close my ears and nose while swimming

A weird photo of me and Melly showing just how awkward our relationship is

Rolling is my superpower

What would you do if you saw this coming at you?

I am as graceful as a shark

I don't love Melly just for the scratches...there's also the treats

Luckily I will still have my Rick to love me and feed me while Melly is gone, and I do like my Rick better anyway. But he is not as good about feeding me treats as Melly is and he never goes swimming with me.

So long for the nonce, my beloved fans! If Melly ever comes back, I will post again.



12 comments to Nothing But Photos

  • Shannon Zapf

    Thank goodness! You scared me for a moment. Melly will be back before you know it, and she will help you post again. And you will miss her more than you realize (or care to admit!). She will definitely miss you. Be safe, Melly. Much love to you both.

  • Damien N Sally CHAN

    Just take it as a vacation yourself, mom is not home, nothing can compare with that….freedom! So, go partying, order Chinese food and pizza, anything you like. Just treat it as a vacation for yourself.

  • Margie

    Gari – no other capybara can compare to you so don’t be too worried about Melly making googly eyes at others in Brazil. She’ll be back before you kow it and you can go swimming again. I love the photos – you are very handsome and so very graceful in the water.

  • diana

    Gari, you are so handsome.. and melly have a great time in Brazil.

  • Lynn Marcotte

    Bon Voyage Melanie!

  • Beverly Boher

    Great photos Gari! Melly will be back before you know it!

  • Stacy went to Brazil WEEKS ago and hasn’t yet returned home, so don’t get your hopes up, Gari! On the other hand, you’ll get used to it. I still get to play with my chicken and duck friends and I even had a visitor while Stacy has been gone!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Love watching you do your famous roll 🙂 I know it won’t be as much fun to swim alone, but your Rick will be watching and talking too you. Maybe you can convince him to give you more treats, too!

  • Bonnie Vollbeet

    Why don’t you and your Rick make a calendar and as the days go by, X them off. When you see that all the days have X’s on them, you will know two things: 1) Melly IS coming home and 2) You and your Rick better start cleaning up the house!

    Love you Gari

  • barb salapek

    I’ll miss you both!

  • Barbara Brooks

    Have a great trip! If you visit any farms that raise capybaras, please share what you see.

  • Caroline

    Lovely pics! Hope Melly is having a great time here in Brasil.

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