A Walk in the Mud

Let's go for a walk

It did a strange thing at my house this week…it RAINED! Rain is when water falls out of the sky. I think it might have to be cloudy and noisy too with flashes of bright light. But the main thing is the water. It falls everywhere, even on a capybara if he is sitting outside. But not on a Melly. A Melly says she will not go for a walk while it is raining.

One good thing about rain is that it makes MUD and mud is about my favorite thing in the whole world next to my Rick and corn on the cob. And swimming. And sleeping. Anyway, mud is pretty good stuff. Surprisingly, not all mud is created equal and the very best mud is not in my yard, it is down in the creek. But only after it rains. To get down to the creek, I need for Smelly to take me for a walk.

YouTube Preview Image
Harnessing the Capybara

In case you haven’t seen me getting harnessed for my walk, the above video shows how good I am about it. I used to hate getting my harness on but now I don’t even remember why.

This is my leash!

Once I get my harness on, I need my leash. I have a long leash that wraps up in a blue spool. I LOVE to rub my nose on that thing. I spend about half my walk time doing this. Melly gets impatient with me sometimes but she just doesn’t get how important it is. I don’t want anyone else stealing my leash!


Do not send to ask for whom the capybara rolls, I roll for me!

Muddy teeth

Maybe I should keep my mouth closed while I am rolling. Oh, what the heck, mud tastes good!

Don't judge me

I have to keep my eye on Melly least she walk off. Someone is supposed to be watching for jaguars and that is her job!

It's still me

Underneath all of that glorious mud, it is still cute little me.

Shake it!

The best type of mud does not shake off easily. You can see that this was pretty high quality stuff.

I needed another roll

My rolling superpower is perfect for distributing mud across the whole surface of my body. Still, it sometimes clumps on my head.

I need a hug!

I don’t know why Melly won’t hug me or scratch me when I am muddy. I know some of my mud might come off if she does, but I am willing to share.

I need to rub my nose on the leash!

Even if Melly won’t hug me, I MUST rub my nose on my leash. I have to do that at least every few minutes, and yet Melly acts like it’s some big sacrifice on her part to let me do it. Humans are incomprehensible.

My gloriously muddy mug

After rolling, I went to the back pasture to graze on my favorite grass. All in all, it was a good day.

14 comments to A Walk in the Mud

  • Stephanie Labbate

    What a good day! I almost didn’t recognize you after the mid roll.

  • Franci Zalon

    What a glorious, joyful beast you are! I love you.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Oh Gari, Gari, Gari. You are such a cuddly, muddly Capy. You look like your having the time of your life! Tell Melly to walk you in the rain. That is such a pleasurable thing to do. As long as there is no lightening. Rain is very good for hair too. You could have gotten Melly to roll with you. All you had to do is give that leash a hard yank and she would’ve been done with you. Mud is good for the body too. But I’m glad you had a great day. The video of you and Melly is great. And you both had purple on. Awesome!!! I love you!!!!! Ann <3 <3

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Whoops. I made a mistake in my post above…… I meant, “All you had to do is give that leash a hard yank and she would’ve been down with you. Not done with you. LOL! Silly me. Ann

  • Janet Lutkus

    Precious photos of you, my little mudster. What a wonderful day you had. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Wendy

    I am so jealous of you. What I wouldn’t give to have a good rook in the mud. So refreshing! All the way up here I can feel what a great time you had. Love the pictures. You look like a little MUD ball. What a time you had. Lucky Gari and great that Melly went along for the ride. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  • Nice mud, bro! I haven’t been that muddy for a while, but tomorrow is another day!

  • Donna

    I could go for a good roll in the mud right now. Maybe you should convince Melly to join you. She might really enjoy it. Some people pay big money in fancy spas to get covered in mud.

  • Rolling in the mud looks like so much fun!

  • Moth

    I would hug you even if you are pretty muddy. Mud is good for the complexion 😉

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  • ratfancy

    Glorious glorious mud!

  • Rochelle

    Looks like you had a great time, Gari! <3

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