2014 Capybara Madness Calendar: What is it?


A possible photo for 2014

Another possible photo for 2014

Okay Capy fans! It is time to think about next year’s Capybara Madness Calendar!

The first thing we have to answer is who should be in it?

The first part of that question is obvious. Let’s look at it month-by-month:

  • Cover – ?
  • January – ?
  • February – Dobbye Winnick (it’s his birthday)
  • March – Garibaldi Rous (it’s my birthday)
  • April – ?
  • May – ?
  • June – ?
  • July – Caplin Rous (it’s his birthday)
  • August – ?
  • September – ?
  • October – ?
  • November – ?
  • December – ?

So three months are already covered. The question is what to do with the others. Should they all be me or should be split them between me and wild capybaras in Brazil, or should they all be wild capybaras? Or do some of you even think the whole calendar should be wild capybaras?


Please use the pool on the right sidebar to let me know what you think!
In the choices “Gari” stands for what you see above, Gari + Dobbye + Caplin.

Oh, and you can also use comments, but the poll is very important so don’t comment and not vote on the poll.

Thanks for your help!

18 comments to 2014 Capybara Madness Calendar: What is it?

  • At least a couple capys in the wild…that way people will see how great you are in a house…vs/ in the wild

  • Lisa

    i know it’s a capy calendar but i think it’s so fun to read about your copets. maybe they could make cameos.
    WBB1 would make a great October guest

  • Vince

    Mix it up with your other pets, with Gari the star in every picture!

  • Alex

    Gari and Caplin are the must. OK, and Dobbey. And just a pinch of wild capybaras, especially baby ones. That would make a perfect mix, I think.

  • one more suggestion…the back cover could be of Gari at Texas A&M
    with the doctor with you being…a good photo ..meeting or with Mel there too..with a written summary about the foundation…that way everyone will have contacts for their vets…..I usually give a calendar to my vet…he loves it…throwing it out there…just a thought

  • francine

    Some wild capys are great, but the star is Gari.

  • Punkin Piig

    I like the suggestion of Gari at the vet clinic. I would like to see Gari and one of Dobbey and maybe pictures of other well cared for pet cabybaras with a good shot of wild capys. Gari and WBB! together for a shot is also a great suggestion.

  • Rawil

    August – Tatar Super Capy or Garibaldi in a Tatar cap. August, 30 is the national holiday in the Republic of Tatarstan.

  • I think it should just be IMPORTANT capybaras. In other words GARIBALDI! And me and Caplin on our birthdays. No cats, please!

  • Beth

    I think Gari, Caplin, and Dobbs!

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  • If my choice loses, then my next choice would be similar to Lisa. Photos of each of the famous three in rotation;each with a co-pet.

  • Janet Lutkus

    I’d love to have both Gari and Dobbye in the calendar but no matter what you decide to do, I will definitely buy at least one (and maybe more). I’ve bought the calendar two years in a row and LOVE it. Love Gari but if you decided to do all or part wild capys without Gari, you won’t lose me as a “calendar customer”. But I’ve really come to love both Gari and Dobbye.

  • Kathryn Franklin

    Gari and co-pets please!!!!

  • Mingus's Mom

    The two photos you have above are just beautiful. I agree with those who said that some wild capy photos would be nice, along with Gari and his co-pets!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Gari and co-pets!!

  • Barbara Brooks

    I’d like to have a capybara datebook rather than a wall calendar. I like to see the capybaras dressed up or in funny poses. Photos of baby capybaras are nice, too.

  • Catherine

    Just about any pic of Gari and friends will work … always very cute, some very funny, always makes me smile 🙂

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