Hats and Rats


Me wearing a traditional Tatar cap

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and not getting too much snow or cold weather (for those in the northern hemisphere) or too much heat (for those in the southern hemisphere). It has been pretty nice here, a bit cold but not too bad. Today it is mid 60s F so I’ve been outside a lot.

Does anyone remember my blog post about Super Capy in Tatarstan?  Well, he sent me a cute cap to match the one he has! This is the traditional headwear for that part of the world where it is worn mainly by humans. I think it looks excellent on either a Super Capy or a real capy, such as myself. What do y’all say? (And thanks to Rawil Fakhrullin for helping get it to me!)

One funny thing is that while Melly was in the rehabilitation hospital for her stroke, one of her nurses was a man named Vlad who was from guess where? Yes! You got it! From Tatarstan! He was so excited when Melly showed him the Super Capy post. I think he misses his homeland.

Me with Fresno and Paca

Me with Fresno and Paca

I guess everyone knows that I have three rat co-pets named Fresno, Paca and Agouti. Well, since I haven’t been feeling well, Melly let Fresno and Paca come out and spend some time on the window seat to cheer me up. She would have let Agouti out too but he is a little shy.

I love all of my little co-pets (and even the horses although they are big), but I especially like the rats because they will climb on me. In the wild, birds sit on capybaras all the time and eat the parasites that bother them. Rats don’t do any parasite eating but their sharp little claws feel about the same as bird feet. Anyway, you can see how much I like it by how poofy my fur is.

YouTube Preview Image

Video of my rat interaction



17 comments to Hats and Rats

  • Jaclyn Hammond

    You look fabulous in your hat, Garibara! I hope you’re feeling well. I’m glad you’ve got your rattle friends to cheer you up. Big, gentle hugs to you. <3

  • Jaclyn Hammond

    *rattie not rattle, lol.

  • Rawil

    Dear Gari, you are so nice wearing this cap! You are the first ever capybara to wear our traditional head cap!

  • Minta Caine

    You ROCK that hat, Sir Garibaldi!! It was made for you! I bet even Rawil is a little jealous about how fab that hat looks on you.

    Now McCorkle, our American Shar-Hund, is jealous. He thinks he would look almost as good.

    Happy New Year!! Love, Minta

  • That is a very smart hat Gari. Very suitable for a chap as majestic as you. 🙂

  • Margie

    Gari – You look regal in your cap. And rats are some of the bestest pets ever – so glad you have rattie friends.

  • Stephanie Labate

    You look very regal in your Tatar hat – maybe you could be an honorary Tatar prince!

    Like your little rattie friends — nice to have friends visit when you are not feeling well!

  • Wendy

    Gari you look very distinguished in your royal hat. Fits you like a glove and is very becoming. Sir Royal Garibaldi, that is you.

    Love your rattie friends. With their feeties they could give you a great massage as they travel around your body.

    I am jealous and I bet everyone is. My best to Melly xoxo

  • Punkin Piig

    Wow you look so happy with your copets!

  • Janet Lutkus

    Wow Gari — That hat is definitely Y-O-U! I hope your Rattie friends are helping you feel better, as I know you’ve been going through some rough times. Hope you’re catching some nice warm sun beams through your window bed. Snow and rain back here in New Hampshire but that’s to be expected this time of year. Once again beautiful hat. All the best to you Melly, and your co-pets in the upcoming year. Janet

  • Laurie Coppola

    You look great in the hat, but totally do not need it to look great 🙂 Your ratty pals are a nice compliment to you 🙂

  • Franci Zalon

    So adorable, Mr. Gari! What a magnificent beast you are!

  • Mingles' Mommy

    Cute cap for a cute Capy. 🙂

  • Mingles' Mommy

    Question: Does his fur poof like that when he’s happy/content? Also: my co-worker just returned from her honeymoon in Panama and was delighted to report that everywhere they went they saw happy, wild capybaras!

  • Caroline

    OMG, GARI!!!! U R A QT. LOL!!!!! Totes fabu!!! <3!

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