Stacy Winnick is Visiting!

I have a red nose just like Rudolph the reindeer

I have a red nose just like Rudolph the reindeer

I am worried today.. Dobbye Winnick’s owner Stacy is visiting Melly. When she does that, bad things happen. Almost every time she comes I end up going to A&M for a vet visit. Last time she was here I did the A&M Vet School open house. That wasn’t as bad as getting knocked out and having your teeth drilled down or whatever they do when I’m unconscious, but it wasn’t something I’d do voluntarily, although Melly always volunteers me.

So far Stacy has been nice. Not as nice as the time she visited with Angela Mitchell. That time we all just hung out in the pool all day. That’s my kind of visit. But it’s winter now and a cold rain has been falling all day so no one wants to go outside and even I don’t want to go in the pool. I think it might be frozen solid.

Stacy is pretending to be my friend

Stacy is pretending to be my friend

I am not sure Stacy is planning on doing anything while she’s here. Today she didn’t get up until ten am and that is about half way through the day. I had to get in the bed to wake her up. Even then it wasn’t easy. She’s a sound sleeper but no one sleeps through a paw on the face. I think maybe she is just here to drive Melly around since she isn’t able to drive anymore because of her stroke.

Stacy is not a morning

Stacy is not a morning person

One thing Melly and Stacy seem to be plotting is to build a gingerbread barn. Really? They can build and I will eat! I read the box and it includes gummy animals! Delicious! But no gummy capybaras. That is just as well because I would have a real conflict if I had to decide whether to eat a gummy capybara or not. I hate to think where my conscience might lead me. Either way, it is bad. Smelly got the gingerbread barn for Stacy for her birthday. I think she probably turned infinity.

Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First  pretending to help

Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First pretending to help

I hope WBB1 doesn’t think he is getting those gummy animals. They are MINE!


12 comments to Stacy Winnick is Visiting!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Gari, I’ll bet there is a store somewhere in Brazil that has gummie Capybaras. When everyone is asleep, maybe you can find the gingerbread barn and take a few nibbles and blame it on WBB1. I am so glad Melly is doing well and has a great friend like Stacy there to help.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Oh Gari, by the way…..whatever happened to your sweet nose???

  • Jaclyn Hammond

    Be nice to Stacy, Garibara! She’s a super nice lady. And might I say that WBB1 has the cutest piggy bum ever! 😀

  • Alena Loiselle

    I can’t wait to see the barn. Be a good capy, GarBear, and do what the hoomans tell you to do. They are here to help! <3

  • Sweet blog…so happy Stacy is there with you Gari…be a good boy and enjoy her visit

  • Dawn

    Infinity?! Gari, that’s not a nice thing to say, and certainly not about Melly’s guest.

    I’m not sure that gummy candies are good for capybaras, but Melly knows best.

    WBB1 is adorable (and so are you, of course).


  • Chanda Bellick

    Gari Stacy is so sweet to come and visit with you and Melly of course. I’m sure Stacy was only sleeping in bc she was waiting for you to come and snuggle with her 🙂
    Tell Melly and Stacy hi for me and that I hope they have fun with the gingerbread barn.

  • Laurie Coppola

    You will have a wonderful time with Stacy, and enjoy the gingerbread barn. Give it a chance. This time it’s Melly needing the help, and not you. Be glad 🙂

  • Be a good boy Gari. I am sure Stacy is there to help Melly look after you while Melly is not on top form. You never know, she might share the Gingerbread Barn with you if you are good. 😉 xx

  • Janet Lutkus

    That’s wonderful to see Stacy visiting you. And a Gingerbread barn, how cool is that? So Gari, how did you end up with the red nose like Rudolph? Happy Birthday Stacy and Be Well Melly!

  • Wendy

    Hi Gari, nice to see your blog again. Missed it but understandable !!!! So nice to see Stacy visiting you and Melly. Like you said to drive Melly around and have a nice visit with everyone.

    Hope you are behaving and Melly is recovering well. Take care and love to hear from you xoxo

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