Acting Like a Cat

I am a fastidious capybara

I am a fastidious capybara


People are always asking Melly if I am “house trained.” What is up with that? How rude can you be! I often contemplate asking them right back. If their manners are so poor it is quite possible that they are not house trained! But obviously I am too gentile a capybara to dignify such a question by remarking on it. (In case you are wondering but not so rude as to actually ask, you can learn about my toilet habits by reading my blog post Privacy Please!)

A poop and a snack

A poop and a snack

I do not know why I didn’t mention this before but I’d like to give credit where credit is due. Yes, it is true that Melly provides a delicious snack for me as a reward for correctly using my bathroom water bowl. She calls the snack “toilet paper.” I suppose that is because it is right next to the toilet. I imagine Melly and Rick snack on it while they are using the toilet but they always keep the door closed so I can’t see. At any rate, I sometimes snack while I am pooping but most often I wait until afterward.



I don’t think toilet paper is as good for humans as it is for capybaras. Humans can’t even digest cellulose. Sometimes I wonder how they stay alive. there are different flavors of toilet paper but Melly always gets me the recycled kind because she is trying to protect the rain forests for all the wild capybaras and other animals.

Can I get a to-go roll?

Can I get a to-go roll?

Toilet paper has these nasty perforations in it which make it hard to spool off really long sections to chew on on the go. If I step on it with just one tiny tip of a toe, it breaks and then that is all I get. I suppose that helps it to last longer.

YouTube Preview Image

A cute video of me with a post-poop snack

10 comments to Acting Like a Cat

  • Kristen from MA

    Oh Gary, you silly capy! I hope you and Melly are feeling better. 🙂

  • teresa moore

    Oh Gari! So much ike a cat….LOL

  • teresa moore


  • Wendy

    Hi Gari, I could say I, also, like to play with the toilet paper when in the bathroom. It is fun and I can see you enjoy eating it to. Not me YET. You are a very good Capy like my kitty, Barney, he plays but so far does not eat it.

    Give my best to Melly on her recovery and you are a character. xoxo

  • you need to be in time out…do not eat that paper…you need to eat capy foods…forget the paper and trash bags…be a good capy instead..if you would learn to use it correctly that would be really good

  • Janet Lutkus

    Gari, You have much in common with my dog buddy Sully. He gets so excited about getting toilet paper rolls so he can bury them in the back yard, some times he doesn’t even wait for the paper on the roll to be used. I think Sully and Gari could have a great partnership!

  • Laurie Coppola

    It’s good to get enough fiber, and recycled paper should have a lot 🙂

  • Franci Zalon

    Oh Gari! Why do I just want to kiss you on your snout?

  • Nancy Piccirilli

    Gari you are just too cute! My guinea pig nephew Butternut loved to eat books, and we often called him Gari because he was the same beautiful color as you. But I don’t think he ever got the opportunity to eat toilet paper. He could poop with the best of them, though. Best of my love to you and Melly.

  • Shannon Zapf

    This is adorable!

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