The Capy in Winter

The path to Capybara Creek

The path to Capybara Creek

There is one thing you should know about capybaras: we do not like the cold! I know, I know, Dobbye Winnick lives where it is always cold and you never here him complaining. That is just because he doesn’t know any better. Capybaras and cold weather do not–or at least should not–mix. Nevertheless, it does happen, even here in central Texas, that a terrible cold front blows down from the arctic where the polar bears live. The horrendous nature of this catastrophe cannot be overstated. And what about my swimming? I can’t swim in ice water you know! What is a poor, helpless capybara to do?

My warm bath

My warm bath

Luckily for me, there is an enormous bathtub at our house! Big enough for me to get all the way in! It’s not a hot tub like I want, but it will do in a pinch.

It could use a little more hot water

It could use a little more hot water

The tub even has water jets but they are too scary for me to use. You can see that I can roll all the way over in this tub, right? And I can almost swim if I can persuade Melly to fill it to the rim. Normally she says I make too big a mess to have the water so deep.

It's quite comfy

It’s quite comfy

I wish these paws of mine could work the handles to the faucet so that I could adjust the water for myself. Instead I have to rely on Melly and Rick to do it for me. And they’re not all that reliable.

Come on in! The water is fine!

Come on in! The water is fine!

I could never get Flopsy the Killer Cat to come in the water with me, but he did keep me company by sitting on the edge. He went back home with Coral though so now I don’t have anyone to keep me company. I need my own cat, a cat that likes to swim. But NOT a jaguar. I don’t care how much they like to swim, I am not swimming with a jaguar!

12 comments to The Capy in Winter

  • Wendy

    It is so good seeing you doing your blogs again with the help of Melly. Love your inside tub when it is so cold outside. It will do and you look like you are enjoying yourself. Tell Melly and Rick to fill it right up and Woohoo – Gari will have a great time. After you are finished it will give them something to do to clean up after you.

    Too bad Flopsy won’t come in with you but I know from my kitty, Barney, no way for a bath. I would go in with you. We could roll around together. Look forward to your next blog xoxo

  • francine

    I wish I had a big tub like that!

  • If you want to play “Dobby” just float a bunch of ice cubes in there. Jump in, jump out! Then get a nice warm blanket and eat some corn. It’s fun!

  • Margie

    Sure looks fun Gari. I’m glad you have such a large bathtub to get into.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Hey Gari–That’s a GREAT tub! And I’m happy that for the most part (except with all these recent weather changes and harsher than normal Winters), Texas is usually a relatively warm place to live. Thanks for writing this blog to remind many would-be Capy parents that they need to consider these things in advance. Of course I know Dobbye’s mom also sees that he has what he needs, as well.

  • Laurie Coppola

    I think you’re right about not swimming with a jaguar. Probably should skip tigers, too, though they like water. Put out an ad and interview all the cats that apply for one that really loves water 🙂 Glad you have an alternative to the icy outdoor water. Not something Texas normally gets.

  • Kristen from Ma

    Oh Gari, you look so cute in your tub!!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Looks like FUN, Gari!

    Not sure where you will find a pussycat that likes to swim — or a guinea pig either !!

  • Shannon Zapf

    So happy to see you “having fun” here, Gari!

  • Chris Arp

    Saw a capybara on a river bank today here in East Tennessee-I am sure it will not be able to take the cold weather in the winter or the water here for very long. The water comes out of the mountains and is very cold even in the summer.I will report the site to a friend who works in wildlife law enforcement.

  • I hope they catch that capy! They cannot survive a cold winter in Tennessee. Thank you for reporting him.

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