I Got a Cat!

Me and my cat

Me and my cat

Hi! It’s me again, Mudskipper Rous. Only I don’t have a guinea pig with me now. Melanie says I am too big to play with a guinea pig, that I should stop growing so fast. So instead she got me a cat! Actually, he’s a kitten. His name is Driftwood.

Let me rant about names a little more. I know I covered this in my first post but it bares more discussion.

Why did I not get to name my own cat? I think I could have come up with a better name than Driftwood. How dumb is that? It doesn’t describe him at all. I might have called him Black Tail or Spot. Or maybe even Whirling Dervish, after all he is a Turkish Van cat. He might not exactly whirl but he comes close.

Now that we’re on the subject of names (we’ll get back to my cat in a moment), let’s talk about Melanie’s name. Firstly, it’s too long. It’s a real mouthful, and when you have as small a mouth as I do, and especially when your mouth is full of big, sharp teeth, you don’t want to be saying anything long. I know Caplin Rous used to call her “my owner.” I don’t like that because it is misleading. I own her, not the other way around. Garibaldi Rous called her “Melly” because he said it rhymed with smelly. I can understand that, but really, all humans smell. So I was thinking of calling her Mel but that really has too much dignity for her. And besides, she didn’t name my cat that well. So I am going to call her MelT. It is perfect because it implies that she is transient, ephemeral, in the process of becoming less than she was. Also, it is a combination of her first name and her last name, which starts with a “t”.

Back to my cat!

Me and Driftwood playing

Me and Driftwood playing

I didn’t know I would like a cat so much! He is the best! We love to play together. Sometimes he plays too rough and makes me eep. Sometimes I play too rough and make him climb up on his cat tower.

Dritwood on his cat tower

Dritwood on his cat tower

I used to have to wait for him to come down, as you can see in the photo above. He also had his food up there, which I resented. Why could I not get to his food when he can eat all of my grass and hay that he wants? That doesn’t seem fair. So I decided to do something about it.

Ther's got to be a way up!

There’s got to be a way up!

I figured that if I was ever going to get up there I’d have to learn to climb.

At the window

At the window

You can’t learn to climb all at once. First you have to climb easier things before you try harder things like the cat tower. I learned how to climb on this bench and look out the window (except the blind was down, which was annoying). Driftwood does this all the time so I knew it was a good first step.

Taking a nap

Taking a nap

Climbing is tiring so I had to take a nap. Apparently it is even tiring to watch so Driftwood took a nap too.

Play time

Play time

All work and no play makes me a dull capybara so Driftwood and I spent some time on recreation.

Encouragement or biting?

Encouragement or biting?

I have to say, Driftwood provided some great encouragement! Mostly by eating up where I couldn’t get to the food, but also by giving me little kisses of support.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally I made it! You have to watch the video to see how I did it though.

Cat food on the floor

Cat food on the floor

Then, of course, Driftwood knocked the cat food all over the floor so I didn’t even need to climb to get it!

I love you Driftwood!

I love you Driftwood!

12 comments to I Got a Cat!

  • francine

    these are the cutest baby animals ever! that video was enchanting! isn’t cat food bad for capys? I’m glad Muddy is a good eater, anyway, and obviously super smart.

    I’m so glad you have these new friends, Melanie!

  • Lisa

    What handsome little guys! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  • Kim

    Oho! What a clever capy! If you ask a cat, he will tell you that he is the smartest animal, but cats are natural leapers and climbers. And there you are, Mr. Capybara, figuring out all that on your own. Clearly a force to be reckoned with. Poor Melanie has her work cut out for her!

  • You guys are so cute! We just love unusual furriendships!

    Hope you have a great Thursday.
    Kitty >>smooches<< from all of us at Angel Prancer Pie.

  • When that thing grows up, you can chase it! My cats have learned to be very respectful!

  • I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing!

  • Rawil

    Well done, Mudskipper! Looking forward to seeing you inviting Driftwood to join you in the pool! That will be your turn!

  • Ann Bednarek

    Looks like a Catty-Cappy Day”What a sweet and very enjoyable video that is, (even though I almost choked on my soup laughing when Driftwood knocked off the food bowl). They are such good little companions and so precious together. It seems as though Driftwood was telling Mudskipper how to use the ladder and he caught on quick.

  • He’s growing so fast-hard to believe he’s gotten so much bigger in such a short time. I’m impressed with his climbing skills, I didn’t think cappys had so much vertical mobility. And you can see him thinking that the kitten food tastes pretty good.
    Driftwood is a handsome, playful cat. I think he knows he has to be a bit gentler with Muddy. I enjoyed the video and was impressed by that big cat tree. I hope they remain pals for years to come.

  • Fred Ross

    What a big cavy he’s becoming so quickly! At what rate is his weight/size increasing? Does he need protein supplements to support that growth? It’s a great thing to see Mudskipper and Driftwood playing; maybe you have the perfect candidates for a future episode of the program Unusual Animal Friends!

  • ChrissyBara

    What a cute capy, what a cute story!

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