Outdoor Life

It's beautiful outside

why don’t you ever go outside, Driftwood?

From all of my posts and photos showing me indoors, you might think that is my life. That is misleading. Everyday I take MelT on a tour of our yard for at least an hour or two. Mostly she stands around looking bored, which I don’t understand. I can always find things to do.

Sadly, Driftwood seems to be an indoor cat. He has not figured out how to get MelT to respond to the leash correctly when dealing with a cat. It’s true, even I have trouble with that. MelT can be pretty stubborn.

These steps are daunting

These steps are daunting

From the front porch I can view the entire front yard, such as it is. The steps are pretty steep though. The first one is a doozy. MelT says it has to be fixed by October or she can’t get insurance on the house. Imagine that.

The back fence

The back fence

One of the things I like to do is hang out in the shade and moist earth along the back fence. MelT usually sits in the grass at this point. I don’t see her grazing though.



The back fence is also a great place for rolling. The fence keeps me from accidentally rolling all the way over. MelT says I’m like Caplin in that regard. He never rolled all the way over either. On the other hand, Garibaldi was some kind of rolling maniac, and I do mean maniac. As in insane.

Hey! Look who's coming!

Hey! Look who’s coming!

You’ll never guess who also likes the back fence! Okay, go ahead and try. No one ever believes you when you say you’ll never guess. They always take it as some kind of challenge.

Me and Leopolda

Me and Leopolda

Did you guess correctly? It is Leopolda. Sometimes we play follow the leader but she is always the leader. That’s weird because she is so slow. But unless I let her lead, she won’t play.

YouTube Preview Image

You can watch a short (2 min) video featuring everything I’ve talked about so far in this post. It doesn’t show MelT’s leash behavior though because she’s the one who has to use the camera.

Me in my wading pool

Me in my wading pool

I decided I don’t like the pond. I found out there is a snapping turtle in there and I don’t like the sound of that.

My wading pool is very dirty because MelT has been using it to wash her feet off after she feeds the horses. I’d say this was rude of her, but I like the pool dirty.

World's cutest nose

World’s cutest nose

I don’t like to brag but…

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another short (2 min.) video.  This one shows me playing in the pool.

Okay, that’s it for now. I feel like running up and down the halls with Driftwood for a while.



7 comments to Outdoor Life

  • Dawn

    That’s a lot of lush, yummy grass. My guinea pigs would lose their minds in there.

    You have Driftwood for inside and Leopolda for outside, so you’re never alone. I guess MelT is an indoor/outdoor human.

  • You have your human trained well! Maybe you should post a tutorial so we kittehz can get our Mommy trained better. Hee-hee!
    Enjoy your outside time.

  • ladyclodia

    You’re getting so big, Muddy! Glad to see you can find fun wherever you are!

  • rosenatti

    Your little ear wiggles are an important part of swimming. Never stop.

  • Pat and Barley

    We enjoy your blog, and check your Facebook for new pictures every day. Barley would be amazed by the grass in your yard. When you get big enough to swim in the big pool you will have so much fun! We share your videos with our friends so they can see how cute you are.

  • Fred Ross

    Yes, Muddy, Karen agrees you have the world’s cutest nose, certainly cuter than her husband’s. You seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. At this rate, you’ll be a 100-plus-pounder in no time! ‘Glad Leopolda is still leopolding around and getting to know her new capybuddy! Don’t gnaw on her shell, however.

  • Rawil

    That was a great way to jump out of the pool! Well done, Muddy!

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