Totally Two

Mudskipper the capybara grazing

Grazing with Driftwood

There are a lot of ways to spend your birthday, but there’s no better way than eating.

Oh, hey! Did I forget to mention that today is my birthday? I am two big years old! And I mean BIG! I am up to 110 lbs! Ginormous! Well, maybe not for a capybara, but I’m still working on it. More food equals more me!


Birthday toy

Birthday toy

A big part of my birthday celebration is TREATS! Nothing better than that. Treats are an especially good type of food and, as I’ve already mentioned, food is great! In the photo above you can see me extracting some treats from a toy that I have. It’s actually a cat tory for Driftwood and Mamba but they don’t know how to get the treats out. They think they have to put their little paws into these green tubes and scoop the treat out of the bottom. Not true! If you grab the toy in your teeth and throw it around eventually all the treats fall out. And by eventually I mean right away.



MelT was a little bit slow on replenishing my treat tory. I guess I might be a fast eater, but who can resist? Especially Temptations! Sure, they’re cat treats, but, if you ask me, the cats don’t appreciate them enough. I don’t see them putting the container off the counter and eating the whole thing! (Luckily, MelT doesn’t see me doing that either.)

Snap it up!

Snap it up!

Hey, what are you doing? Can’t you see that I don’t have anymore treats? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! FEED ME!

Feed me!

Feed me!

Honestly, I know she means well, but sometimes MelT is a little slow on the uptake, bless her heart. But this is just ridiculous! Honestly, what does it take?

Hey, it's me!

Hey, it’s me!

I think she forgot about me.

There’s another big thing I forgot to mention…MelT has decided to destroy the house! Seriously. I have been dealing with this for months now and, let me tell you, it is SCARY!

I do not call this "home improvement!"

I do not call this “home improvement!”

There is really only one thing to do under these circumstances.

Hiding under the covers

Hiding under the covers

Things are getting better now, but they’re different and I don’t like different.

Me getting comfy in my new settings

Me getting comfy in my new settings

I am getting used to it. And, actually, I am making some changes to the furniture myself! I feel they need a more “used” look. More of a hobo, dumpster diving look. I think it is working out wonderfully! More on that later.

In leu of gifts, capybaras around the world would appreciate a small tax deductible donation to the ROUS Foundation. Every little bit helps! Even a buck would be welcome. Fifty cents?



3 comments to Totally Two

  • rosenatti

    Actually, the house is looking beautiful. But not as beautiful as you, Muddy. Never that. Happy Birthday!

  • Francine Rossi

    Oh, Muddy, I can’t believe that you are two!! You were just a semi grown capy when I got to visit you! You are just as sweet and beautiful, I can tell. Be good to MelT, and try not to eat too many cat treats. Remember that cat poop and cat food smell very similar. I don’t know if that is helpful intel, but I think it is pretty suspicious.

  • Fred Ross

    Muddy and your MelT are doing a great job on the house! We bet the workmen benefit from your supervision, Mudskipper. ‘Glad your now over 100 pounds and continuing to grow. The photos of you are show you as an extremely shapely and fetching capy! We especially like the 6th photo of you standing up. ‘Great to hear from – and see – you! – Fred and Karen Ross

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