Grazin' the grass is a gas

Grazin’ the grass is a gas

There’s something you should know about capybaras; we like three things. Those three things are: eating, sleeping, and swimming. I put them in the order of how much I like them, not how much time I spend doing them. Sleeping is my most time consuming activity, or lack thereof.

Lazy grazy

Lazy grazy

As with most capys, I can always be counted on to get me some grass. The good thing about grass is that you can eat it lying down, a definite plus.

Grazing grass

Grazing grass

My yard is divided up into two parts. One part is this low lawn grass. Very nice. Sweet.

Meadow grass

Meadow grass

I also have a meadow area with lots of wildflowers and tall grass. Tall grass is good because it has bunches of seeds at the tops. Flowers, on the other hand, are not tasty at all.

What? I should wipe my chin?

What? I should wipe my chin?

Let’s get to it though. There is one food that out tastes all others: corn. Corn, corn, corn, you can’t get enough of it. And it’s not just the corn kernels, it’s the cob and the husk too. What a perfect food!


MelT has been promising me really fresh corn from something called a “garden.” It might be a figment of her imagination because no “really fresh corn” has appeared yet.

MelT's "garden"

MelT’s “garden”

That doesn’t look like food to me, least of all corn. Just a bunch of dirt and some plants.

Corn plants?

Corn plants?

These are what  MelT calls “corn plants.” She says those funny salky things will turn into corn someday. I wish! I hope each plant has 100 corns on it because that looks like only enough for one day!

Another thing MelT promises about the garden corn is that I can eat the whole plant! The whole plant! I’m hoping it all tastes like the husks I get on my corn now. So much corn that would be!



Yeah, it’s official, she’s going crazy. She claims this is her orchard. Where are the trees? All I see is our driveway and a few sticks. Her contention is that we are going to have apples, peaches, pears, plums, and nectarines. I’ll believe it when I see it, which is probably never. If they do have fruit, MelT says she’ll give it all to me. Probably also a lie.

Of course I also get my oats and equine senior plus milk mixed with yogurt, fruit, and vitamin C. I still like it even though it’s good for you. In fact, after corn my milk is my favorite food. (Lately I’ve been sneaking in a little chicken food too but don’t tell anyone.)

So that’s the story of my food. Anyone out there want to weigh in with their favorite food? If it’s not corn, you are wrong.

7 comments to Food

  • rosenatti

    Your diet is far better than mine, Ms. Muddy. I like corn, true, but also…. many other things. Bad things.

  • Joe E

    Just be patient, so you’ll be having a lot of good food from the Garden! You probably wouldn’t like most of the foods I eat, but your right…corn is good!

  • Kristy

    Just wait, that orchard will give you more fruit than you know what to do with! It won’t take long. If you have any extra, send it my way!

  • Sandra

    MelT has the most gorgeous lawn mower ever!

  • NancyR

    Oh Muddy,
    It sounds like you have so many delicious meals! That’s good for a girl who’s watching her figure (and you do have a lovely capybara figure)! I’m sure MelT is right about the corn and the fruit trees–and it looks like the corn is coming along really well. Try to be patient just a little while longer.
    PS: I like corn a lot, too.

  • Fred Ross

    Muddy, Karen and I are blown away by your first photo in this posting — what a great self-portrait … of you doing what you love to do! A real art piece! If you are patient (do capys have patience?), you’ll get corn galore and lots more too. What about melons, string beans or zucchini? Do capys like them? Keep scarfing up those greens, Muddy. You rule!

  • jackie wren

    Oh muddy!!!! Chico would have helped you eat that corn,corn,corn!!!!!!!

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