The Evolution of My Pond

Caplin Rous, a capybara, stands beside a pond

Caplin entering the pond

My pond is one of the most important things in my life. But it didn’t start out being mine. First it was Caplin’s pond, and then Garibaldi’s, and now, finally, I have inherited it. Am I taking good care of this historic treasure? You be the judge.

Caplin Capybara hiding in tall pond grass

Where is he?

Back in Caplin’s day, specifically Feb. 2008, it looks like the pond was an aquatic jungle. I’ll bet wild capybaras would like it because they could hide from jaguars. On the other hand, jaguars could hide from you. Not something I like to think about!

Garibaldi Rous in the pond at night

You’ve got something on your nose!

Back when Garibaldi Rous (aka Gari) came to live here, the pond had taken on the appearance of the Black Lagoon with Gari as the creature, albeit a cute creature. And isn’t that one of those darned things — a harness — that he is wearing? You’ll never catch me in one of those!

A backyard pond completely full of iris plants

Where’s the pond?

I know the pond is in there somewhere, but where is it?

This is the point where MelT went kind of crazy. Sure, the pond had a few irises in it, I’d think that would make it more fun. But did MelT think that? Apparently not.

The backyard pond full of iris plants

The destruction has begun

In this photo she has already cleared the perimeter of plants and is getting ready to start on the inside. Poor pond. Poor Gari.

Garibaldi climbing into an empty pond

An empty pond is a terrible thing

Poor pond. Poor Gari.

Melt says the big holes in the pond liner were not due to Gari’s teeth. She says they were caused by all the irises taking over. Who ever heard of plants destroying pond liners? I’ll tell you who, no one!

The pond completely redone

Antiseptic pond

I guess you can swim in it, but in what other way is this better? The black lagoon completely gone! And this is the way MelT left it. She never finished with the outside, so it is still ugly, although I have done my best to improve it.

An alligator snapping turtle with a goldfish in a pond

The Creature from the Black Lagoon exists!

For those of you who do not believe there is a monster in my pond, look at this! If that isn’t a monster I don’t know what is. And she hasn’t gotten any smaller since this photo was taken.

Baby capybara drinking from the pond

Be careful, baby me!

When I first came here my pond was still pretty clean. Except for that alge growing all over it. I couldn’t see the snapping turtle or I would have been more afraid.

Capybara feet sticking out of the water as the capybara rolls

Today’s pond

I do love the pond the way it is. MelT says that it is leaking a lot of water, and she blames me! How was I supposed to know that the pond liner was so delicate? Anyway, a few holes never hurt anyone. Only MelT says it is really bad for the pond and for the environment.

There is big news coming up on the pond front, that’s why I wanted to share this story now. Keep tuned for more exciting updates!

Do you have a backyard pond? Have you ever bitten it? Leave me a comment to let me know!


20 comments to The Evolution of My Pond

  • F L

    Thanks for updating us, Skipper! My mom and I love the​ photos of you.

  • Steven Harris

    What does the creature (turtle) from the black lagoon eat in that little old pond?

  • Sandra

    It sounds like you may be getting an improved pond. I just hope you don’t run into the creature from the black lagoon in there while you are swimming!

  • Heather

    I love reading your blog!

  • Fraser

    That pond certainly looks like fun. Wish I had a pond to swim and play in. You are such a lucky capy!

  • Kenneth Harry Klibaner

    Great story!! You are special!

  • Didn’t you see that goldfish? The creature eats them! It’s not an herbivore at all. That’s part of what makes it scary. who knows when it will want to eat me!

  • Cheryl Perry

    It will be bigger and better when MelT gets done with it!

  • Misha

    I wish I had a pond in my yard. Maybe if I install one a cute capybara will come and live in it? What do you think, Skipper?

  • Gari R

    I like the picture of you with your feet up in the air. I like to see your cute face, too!

  • It couldn’t hurt to try! Then again, maybe you’ll get one of those creatures.

  • Michele M

    Very happy you’re blogging again, Skipper! I love hearing about the adventures you and MelT have!! ❤

  • Michele M

    Very happy you’re blogging again, Skipper! I love hearing about the adventures you and MelT have!!

  • Patricia McQuinn

    The shot with those feet sticking up is wonderful. Do you roll over or just sort of float on your back?

  • I am rolling, but it is not my superpower as it was with Garibaldi. Sometimes I make it all the way over, sometimes not.

  • Fred Ross

    Great photo of you, legs-up, in your pond, Muddy! Enjoy the summer … and unlimited corn to you!!

  • Nancy Ray

    I agree with Fred, Muddy! That’s a great picture of you in your pond with your feet up. It’s exciting that something new is coming about your pond–I can’t wait, can you? It is wonderful to hear what you’re up to with Mel lately.
    Oh yes, I almost forgot to ask, how are the corn plants doing? I hope they make lots of tender, sweet corns for you!

  • MelT says she doesn’t know how to tell if my corn is ripe. I think it’s ripe now.

  • Francine

    I wish I had a pond. And a capybara. But not a pond monster! I like my toes too much.

  • Margaret

    You have a good pond. I wish I had one of my own, but I live in an apartment. There is a huge one about a mile from here though, which is nice.

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