House (un)Cleaning

Selfie of Mudskipper (Muddy) and Melanit (MelT)

Me and MelT, so happy together?

You almost never get to see a photo of me with MelT. To be honest, it’s because she embarrasses me. I can’t introduce her to my capybara friends, what would they say? “You poor thing! Having to live with that witch!” Well, it’s hard, but the hardest part is dealing with her fanatical cleaning

Capybara sleeping on a human bed with her head resting on a plush bear

This is how MelT likes things

MelT likes things “clean,” whatever that means. Even if things are clean, I still like to sleep in the bed, especially if I have my bear, which I always have. I’ve been thinking of giving my bear a name. I think I settled on Bear. Or maybe My Bear. Yeah, My Bear is better. But everyone else has to call him Bear.

Capybara Mudskipper Rous lying on a very muddy bed

Me and My Bear

Now, I think you can see what an improvement this is. It is way more natural. Everyone says I “belong out in the wild,” but I think they’ve forgotten that you can bring the wild inside! I’m not ready to give up the bed, let’s not get carried away. My Bear likes the mud too, you can tell by how muddy he is.

A carpet covered with muddy spots

Dirt floor

I ask you, what is wrong with a dirt floor? Doesn’t the whole world have a dirt floor? What’s to get upset about?

A very muddy floor and kitchen counter

Pay no attention to that dirt

Ok, maybe I went too far. MelT is always going on about me not getting on the counters even when I am not muddy. But the FOOD is up there! Specifically the cat food, which should really be called capybara food. Then maybe MelT would get it right and feed me some.

Capybara Mudskipper is shaking off while sitting next to a big  puddle of mud

Whose fault is it?

I might be spoiling the surprise, but MelT is digging me a new pond! I like it already. Until she finishes digging it is going to be a huge mud puddle for me to play in! How can I not do that? Her expectations are completely unreasonable.

That’s it for this week. Do you agree with me that MelT is crazy? Do you keep your house clean or in a more natural, dirty condition? Do your pets help you out the way I help MelT? Leave a comment to let me know. If enough people agree with me, maybe I can convince her to do things my way. Oh, and what do you think of My Bear, Bear to you, as a name for my bear? Perfect, right?

16 comments to House (un)Cleaning

  • Sandra

    I’m with MelT about the cleaning but then, I only have 2 indoor cats, so it isn’t as hard to keep the house clean. Now if I could only keep them off the counters then everything would be perfect but they really only get on them when nobody can see them!!!

    Bear looks like a lovely friend for a cappy to have.

  • Misha

    Our house is semi-chaotic…but usually mud free. Maybe if a capybara moved in we could add some dirt.

    I love your bear 🙂

  • Ed

    My favorite rat was named Bear, you’re onto a good idea.

  • rosenatti

    Bear is good. Mud is good. Together = great.

  • Debbie

    Your bear is very cute! Mud belongs outside though so don’t be too hard on her! My pup loves cat food too! Please keep blogging. You are adorable and I enjoy hearing about your days! 🙂

  • Evelyn

    I love that you carry around your bear. Maybe you need to learn to wipe your feet.

  • Margaret

    I manage to keep the mud out of my apartment, but I am owned by four guinea pigs so there is hay. I try to keep it confined to the “pig palace”, but it can turn up anywhere. Then there is the clutter, which is my fault. I’m working on it, but I will never be as clean as MelT.

  • Fraser

    My 5 guinea pigs agree with being outside but prefer nice grassy areas over mud. More fun to eat the grass over playing in mud for them. They are missing out on the fun that is rolling in the nice mud you have.

  • Patricia McQuinn

    I play World of Warcraft and one of my characters is a hunter and hunters tame and catch a pet to help them out. My hunter has a bear pet and his name is Paddington.

  • I have 4 guinea pigs — they LOVED being adopted into a messy, natural home. The 4 Little Pigs “help” by leaving hay EVERYWHERE. I find it in my shoes, my closet upstairs, in my underwear.

    They don’t like mud or getting wet — but they approve of the mess. Things are very confusing and unsettling for them after I clean their cages and it doesn’t smell like “CAVY” anymore – they have to remedy that situation A S A P!!!!

  • Francine

    While I loved sleeping with you, Muddy, I do not like to sleep with ACTUAL mud!! (and that IS just mud, right, you are not taking household improvement hints from Dobby)?

  • Nancy Ray

    I’m not as neat as MelT, and I have lots of pets and comets, so there’s plenty of cleaning that needs to be done around my house. Cats, dogs, and two horses live here. Your new pond will be fabulous when Mel is finished. I’ve had two ponds; one was in Kentucky for my big goldfish. The biggest were named Eenie and Meaney. The second pond was in Virginia when we moved. I raised a handsome Bullfrog in it; his name was Leonardo. He wasn’t a monster at all. I love the name Bear for your bear!
    Be sweet and help Mel with the house.

  • Nancy Ray

    Oops, that should be “I have lots of pets and copets,” not comets!

  • C Jennings

    From an old song…(sung by hippos):
    Mud, mud. Glorious mud,
    There’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,
    So follow me follow,
    Down to the hollow,
    and there we will wallow, in glorious mud.

  • Love the poem! It is so me!

  • The Farm Manager is fussy about mud, too, so I bring in other stuff so she gets the proper perspective. Out of revenge, she washes my rugs and blankets every day. It wouldn’t get so grubby in there if I was allowed into a bigger part of the house. The “stuff” would be spread out thinner, wouldn’t it? You would hardly notice the mud if it was spread everywhere, right?

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