June 2017 Update on Wesley and Fiona

Me scratching Wesley and Fiona through the fence

I miss you guys

A Melanie’s Mondays Post:

I really miss Wesley and Fiona. They live at the Snake Farm in New Braunfels, Texas. I used to visit them every week in 2014, between the time Gari died and when I got Skipper. They helped me get through a hard time.

Two capybaras eating from small food troughs

At their food toughs

Nothing has changed for Wesley and Fiona except that  I never come to visit them anymore. Their enclosure is exactly as it has been for the past three years, not a single change. Capybaras are so smart, it is really painful to think of how bored they must be. Whatever happened to “enrichment?” They could at lest have a ball to play with.

Wesley is watching me

Wesley is watching me

My daughter, Coral, took this photo. I am on the other side of the fence where Wesley is looking. They hadn’t forgotten me at all! I love that about capys, the way they always remember people.

Closeup of capybara snout with open lips and tongue visible

Fiona’s nose

Love that little nose, and those curly whiskers, and soft, expectant lips. Where’s my food? Did you bring treats?

I used to bring them tons of treats every time I visited. Something has changed at the Snake Farm though. All of the people have turned over, I don’t even know any of them anymore. So I can only bring a few things and sneak them to them.

The snout of a capybara looking up, directly at the camera

Wesley’s nose

Who could not love that face? Wesley has always been more yellow while Fiona is more reddish, I don’t know why. It was even hard to pet them through the new fence. I know they wanted me to come in and scratch them the way I used to.

Wesley the capybara, standing on his hind legs begging for a treat.

Wesley standing

One of the first things I taught these guys was to stand on their hind legs. Actually, Fiona only sits up like a dog does when it begs. She’s too dainty for that stand tall stuff.

Eventually I had to leave. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to visit them again. They’re getting old, they must be about seven by now. I would love to have them come live with me. They would have so much more room and so much more that they could do. I’m going to write an email to the Snake Farm to see if they might be willing to give them up. But they probably won’t. Sadly, Wesley and Fiona are not a big draw for the zoo. Even so, I think they are AZA certified so they probably won’t sell or give away animals except to another zoo.

It was great seeing them again. I wish I could drive, they are so near if you can drive and so impossibly far if you can’t.

3 comments to June 2017 Update on Wesley and Fiona

  • Ed

    I remember you writing about them so I visited while on my way from Austin to San Antonio. I agree that the conditions there are not great. They’re fed and cared for, but their pen is so small and they have nothing to do.

  • Francine

    How sad that they are not allowed things to do and a pond to hang out in. 🙁

  • Linda

    It would be absolutely wonderful for them to come retire with you. You have cared for them so much over the years! Maybe we can start a petition?

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