A Hole in the Yard

Capybara emerging from a cartoon pond

Garibaldi in my old pond

Honestly, you never know what MelT will do. The above photo shows my predecessor, Garibaldi Rous, climbing out of my old pond. Only that doesn’t really look like my old pond — here after referred to as pond 1. Pond 1 was never that blue. Nothing was ever that blue. But that is what she’d like you to imagine so I guess I’ll go along with it. For now.

A pet capybara, Skipper Rous, swimming in her backyard pond

Me in Pond 1

This is a more realistic view of pond 1. Not so blue now, is it? Still, fun to swim in, especially to roll and stick my feet out of the water. I’m no Garibaldi but I can emulate him.


Capybara feet and nose sticking out of the water as she rolls

Channeling Garibaldi Rous

You may recall that my superpower is jumping. I can jump under all sorts of conditions. Jumping out of the water might be the superous part of my superpower.

YouTube Preview Image
Me swimming and jumping

I was pretty happy with Pond 1 up until I saw Pond 2 being born.

A shallow hole with wheelbarrow

Birth of a Pond

The photo above shows the very beginning of Pond 2. The photo was taken on May 13th. I was curious. I had no idea why MelT was making this hole other than the fact that she is crazy.

I’m going to skip over all the digging and whatnot and get right to today. MelT can handle the details.

A big hole in the groud

The adolescence of Pond 2

This was taken on July 20th. The pond is only half dug. It is nice and deep, which I like very much. What I don’t like is how long it is taking her to dig it! Doesn’t that look like fun to swim in?

Skipper Rous swimming in her new pond

In Pond 2

Pond 2 is bigger than this now but not a whole lot. MelT still has a lot of work to do.She has filled it with water for me a couple of times. It is an absolute pleasure to swim in! The depth makes a huge difference. I can dive, dive, dive until I think I’ll never have to come up. And the water is nice and muddy which means I can hide down there.

I can hardly wait for Pond 2 to be done. MelT says it won’t be as muddy because she is putting something called a “liner” between the water and the dirt. She is always doing lame things like that.

Do you have a pond of your own? MelT says she’s like to know what kind of liner you use. (Don’t tell her! Do you get to go swimming in your pond? Do you keep fish in it? Capybaras?

10 comments to A Hole in the Yard

  • Beverly Boher

    Muddy, you are one lucky capy! I can’t wait to see how pond #2 turns out!

  • Ginger Shekell

    Oh I can’t wait to see you dive!

  • Debbie

    You’re a lucky Capy! Pond 2 is a dream.

  • Jon A

    I’m so very happy for you. I can’t wait to see how your new pond looks. I bet you will end up liking it even if it had one of those liner things. Thanks for the update, we all appreciate it.

  • rosenatti

    “The Adolescence of Pond 2” sounds like the title of a Thomas Pynchon novel. Very deep.

  • Sandra

    MelT really knows how to make a capy feel loved!

  • I have a little pond like that in the front yard. Nobody has to fill it, though. The water seeps up from the bottom. Mine kind of stinks, does yours? Seems like if yours was as smelly as mine you would’ve mentioned it. Oh yeah, there’s no liner.

  • Evelyn

    Lucky Capy. Hope you have fun with it. Mellie is really good to you.

  • Linda

    Every capy deserves a pond. Ponds are special. They take a LOT of work. Did you help MelT? Just wondering. Enjoy your pond. It looks like fun.

  • Marie Pickard

    We have no pool sadly. Just the hose. Have fun!

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