Caplin Day 2017

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This video above shows why we celebrate Caplin Day with a popsicle

A Melanie’s Mondays Post:

Tomorrow, July 10th is Caplin Day, also known as Capybara Appreciation Day. I hope most of you have heard about Caplin, followed him on Facebook or Twitter or here on this blog. If you have, then you know what an extraordinary capybara he was. He introduced so many people, children and adults, to capybaras. Many of these people did not even know what a capybara is let alone how smart and how cute they are.

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Garibaldi demonstrates why Caplin Day is celebrated by water acrobatics

While I refer to this day as Caplin Day, it is really Capybara Appreciation Day. I don’t want to leave my beloved Garibaldi Rous out of it. He was the happiest capybara in the world even though he lived a tough life. He didn’t really like going anywhere, especially since so many trips ended up at the vet, but he was a great ambassador nevertheless. He did his share of school visits and also some fun/stupid/embarrassing TV appearances. His photo was featured posthumously in National Geographic Magazine.

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Caplin Day can also be celebrated by jumping

Skipper is getting into it this year by eating a popsicle AND rolling. She’s not as good at rolling as Garibaldi was, and she doesn’t like popsicles as much as Caplin did, but she’ll do her best and throw in a few jumps to show her own style.

Please take photos and/or tell me what you did to celebrate Caplin Day! Comments are appreciated.

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