Skipper’s Caplin Day 2017

Capybara sitting in a wading pool eating a popsicle

No wonder Caplin liked these

Caplin Day has come and gone, but now I can’t wait until next year! What a fun holiday! I just sit in my little wading pool while MelT feeds me one popsicle after another. You really can’t beat that.

A display of a variety of popsicles

This is so exciting!

I got four different types of popsicles for Caplin Day. Which one is the best? Black cherry? Peach? Watermelon-agave? Strawberry? We won’t know until I try them all!

YouTube Preview Image
A video of me trying them all

Turns out that not all popsicles are created equal. Some are not edible at all! Holy moly, who would have thought that? And it is plain unbelievable that MelT doesn’t like watermelon-agave. There is no figuring her out.

Old woman eating a popsicle

MelT likes popsicles too.

She didn’t even taste the peach. instead she ate the two I didn’t like, the black cherry and the strawberry. I guess we make a good team, like Jack Sprat. MelT told me ahat poem once and it didn’t make any sense. Now it does.

Hope everyone had a great Caplin Day! Remember that Caplin’s life and death gave MelT the impetus to start the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. There are two ways to donate, This is the link to the tax-deductible part of the foundation, run by Texas A&M University. The second part is used my the foundation to provide scales to capybara owners so that people will know if their capybara is growing up straight and strong. You can donate to that part via PayPal using the email address

Leave a comment to let me know how your Caplin Day went and whether you had a popsicle, yogurt, blueberries, corn-on-the-cob, or a spin in the pool as part of your celebration. Inquiring minds want to know!

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