My Favorite Toy

Capybara sitting in the water

Me in Pond 2

I wonder if you can guess what my favorite toy is. Go ahead, give it a shot before you open this post to read the whole thing. I’ll give you a hint; it is a pool toy. Want another hint? It’s something MelT uses, but not as a toy.

Have you made your guess yet? You’re not trying! When you think about it, it is obvious. One more hint; it is good for chewing on.

Capybara chewing on a hose

It’s not a hose

If you guessed hose, you’re almost right. A hose is my second favorite toy. Part of the reason I love hoses is because MelT always joins the game. She rushes over and grabs the hose — with her hands, which is cheating — and pulls it away from me. Okay, so she always wins, but she also makes a great noise and calls out my name really loudly. You can imagine how fun that is! Plus, afterward the hose works as a sprinkler, which is nice.

Capybara chewing on a plastic clothes hanger

My favorite toy

Here’s a big hint. It’s me holding my favorite toy, but you can only see part of it because I’m hiding it with my big nose. Can you guess what it is now? Although, at this point it’s not really guessing, is it?

My favorite toy is a clothes hanger!

Ah ha! Now you can see that my favorite toy is a clothes hanger. They are marvelously delicious and just exactly the right size for biting. Sometimes it even gets stuck on my nose and I have to shake it off. That’s not scary, just fun. After a few days, I can even chew right through it. That kind of makes two hangers, but not really. It means that MelT gives me a new one and I can start all over again.

Clothes hangers also come in different colors. Normally I get white ones, but there are blue, yellow, red, pink, almost any color in the rainbow. White is a little easier to see. The only drawback to hangers over hoses is that MelT won’t play. I think it is because she is afraid of the water. She can pick up the part of the hose that is on land (for some reason, part of the hose is always on land) whereas she would have to get in the water to grab the hanger from me. I’m thinking she is afraid of water. Maybe she can’t even swim! No, no, no!!! That can’t be true! What a horrible life it would be if you couldn’t swim. I can’t even imagine!

You should watch this video of me with a hanger. When you see how much fun they are, you will probably get one for yourself. MelT keeps a whole stock of them in her closet. If you ask her, she might give one to you. Or not. She’s a bit stingy.

Hey, tell me what you guessed was my favorite toy! And let me know what your favorite toy is. What color hangers do you like? Do you chew on hoses?

6 comments to My Favorite Toy

  • MicheleM

    Hanger would not have been my 3rd, 4th or 5th choice!!! But you do look like you’re having quite a bit of fun with it!

  • Sandra

    I thought for sure it was a hose, especially when it could be turned into a sprinkler by a capy. Boy, was I wrong! LOL Keep those hangers coming, MelT…

  • Kris

    Do you play with balls too or just hangers? You are so cute!

  • Lisa S

    Seriously, I did not guess right though I get the chewability of such a great toy. I love these too, though I haven’t chewed on any. Usually they are in my closet being boring. Perhaps you need more and we should give you our excess. I’ve never chewed on a hose either, maybe I should try now, since it’s so highly recommended!

  • Nancy Ray

    Hangers are so much fun–it’s plain to see. I’m glad you’re happy as a tadpole in your new pond. How are those tadpoles now, anyway? Are they happy sharing your pond? And all that nice mud! Do you ever make mud pies? When I was a little girl my best friend and I did, and then we decorated them with hedge berries and little green leaves. Try it, but don’t eat the mud pies!!!

  • Francine

    I cannot get used to calling her Skipper.

    Pond 2 looks fantastic! I know nothing of ponds, but I dream of having one if those natural pools where water plants keep the water clean, and you have a nice sand bottom for swimming. But there will not be monsters in my pond. Because I like my feet.

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