Cat Ion

Introducing Ion!

A Melanie’s Mondays Post:

I accidently got a new cat. That’s three for me. I am now in the suburbs of Crazy Catlady City. I do not plan on moving to a more urban neighborhood. The cat’s name is Ion.

Belly up!

Here’s how it happened. My friend, Elizabeth, was helping me run some errands (it is really a pain not being able to drive). One thing we did is take a slew of old harnesses that Skipper has outgrown — without every wearing them — to the pound. I mean the “animal shelter.” Of course we had to go in to look at the cats. That part is my fault. I was the one who wanted to look at the cats, not that Elizabeth put up much of an argument.

As it turns out, it was almost Oct. 16th, the four year anniversary of my brain hemorrhage. Not actually a time to celebrate but maybe a good excuse to drown your sorrows in the soft fur of a cat. By the way, my stupid brain hemorrhage is the reason my finger is in that last photo. As at least some of you know, I lost the half of my vision that sees to the left, this means the finger doesn’t bother me at all. You can just ignore it.

We had almost made it back to the exit when we came across a volunteer holding this cute little cat like a sack of potatoes. The cat was just fine with that. Now this part is Elizabeth’s fault. It was at this point that she started saying that I could get that little cat. I said no. But then the volunteer motioned for us to come into the little room where she was holding him. I was reluctant but didn’t much resist the nudge Elizabeth gave me.

Look at that face!

The reason I mentioned my strokeaversary is that, at this point, Elizabeth volunteered to pay the adoption fee as a gift to celebrate the event. What could I say? He’s so cute and also cuddly! While both Driftwood and Mamba are super cute, neither of them qualifies as cuddly.

He’s got spots!

You may never see a photo of Ion standing up. The second I look at him he flops over so I can pet his belly. I know! Is that cute or what?

So far Ion is confined to my office until he gets used to things. Actually, I opened the door during the day yesterday and today, but he’s still confined to the office since he won’t come out. This is mainly due to Driftwood who parks himself in the hallway outside the door and hisses if Ion even looks that direction.

Why Ion?

I don’t know, it just fits him. Then again, it could work beautifully. A cation is a positively charged atom, while an anion is a negatively charged atom. This means that when he’s a good cat, I can call him cation, but when he’s a bad cat, I can call him anion. So far he’s been a pretty steady cation.

He hasn’t really met Skipper yet. I imagine she’ll be posting about their first meeting soon.

Do you have a cat like Ion? Same color? Same flopping over on his side? Same big white nose? Are you a crazy cat person? How many cats do you have?


7 comments to Cat Ion

  • Sandra

    I am glad to hear you finally have a cuddle kitty. Perhaps Skipper will learn to appreciate a cuddly kitty also since she didn’t have one before. Hope Ion and Driftwood come to terms soon. Enjoy the love bug. I have 2 cats; female of about 12 years who is starting to show renal failure so has become much more loving and a 3 year old ginger tom who was feral so I am slowly getting him used to being pet. They are not good friends as the tom is twice the size of Minnie and wants to play but is very rough.

  • Kerry

    We have 6 cats. Only 2 were on purpose. About two years ago, we found a pregnant stray. Her kittens were born in my house, and 2 out of 5 found homes. She and the other 3 still live here. All of ours love being petted, but only one likes being carried like a sack of potatoes.

  • Judy

    So hlad you got a cuddler cat. I am sure that in time Driftwood and Ion will become good friends or at least be able to co-exist with no problems. Once Ion and Skipper meet I think they will become best friends. Sorry I have no cats. Because I am allergic to them. And my two dogs would never allow it. But I am lucky. Every day I leave my house or when I return home I am greet by six cats that sit in the window of the house next door. They are shelter cats waiting for their loving furever homes. Every so often I go over and visit all the kitties in the shelter . And dose myself with medication and suffer afterwards. But it is nice to see them safe and finding loving homes.

  • Donna

    I hope the family gets along soon. I am happy a new snuggly family member found you.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    What beautiful colors!

    Great story!

  • Ann

    Two years ago, I found an eight-week-old stray kitten with three serious gashes on his side probably from trying to slip under a fence. I grabbed him just with the intent to get him to a rescue who could care for him and he never left. He isn’t a lap cat, but sure loves to be scratched and is very purry. We got him a friend a year ago next month because he started acting lonely. We picked out a nearly-grown kitten with a squeaky meow at the shelter who loves attention and playing fetch as a friend. They are totally different in personalities. Pippin, the original cat, is very laid back and not that active. Oliver, the newer cat, is a bit mischievous, playful and extremely vocal. Despite that, they’re best buddies.

  • Francine

    Yeah I am late commenting, I have been in the anxiety vortex. I love the new cat, so cute, and obviously understands that you have a pet so you can PET THEM.

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