Jaguar Halloween

REady to pounce

Skipper’s Post:

Everyone has been telling me that Ion is not a baby jaguar. No matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, no one believes me. The only comment I got that made any sense is that he might be a dwarf jaguar. That would certainly be better, but still not great.

A deadly pounce is coming!

I think those two photos should convince anyone of his evil nature! Jaguars are evil incarnate in case anyone didn’t know.

A costume?

Today is Halloween and Ion is taking full advantage! Look! He has a jaguar costume on! Oh, how very devious he is! No one would expect a jaguar to use a jaguar costume! If you saw someone dressed as a vampire, would you guess a real vampire lurked behind the costume! Donald Trump could easily hide himself behind a Donald Trump mask! No one would suspect! This is exactly what Ion is doing!

My what big claws you have!

Look at him! Does it hurt to be mauled to death by a jaguar? I hope it will ble quick. Maybe he’ll eat MelT first. How ironic that would be since she brought this monster into our house.

Goodbye friends and fans. Goodby Driftwood and Mamba. Goodby cruel world.

2 comments to Jaguar Halloween

  • Judy

    If Ion tries to maul you . Call me I will come and rescue you. I don’t believe Mel T. would put you in any danger. Just remember you are are a cute and very loved capybra .❤❤

  • Nancy Ray

    Little Ion isn’t a jaguar after all; he’s really a pretty young cat. You’re going to be great friends. Don’t be scared! Just because he’s dressed up in a jaguar costume for Halloween doesn’t mean he’s a jaguar at all. I’m sure if you spend a bit of time getting to know him, you will realize this. He’s so cute. Take time to show him around and you will forget all about that jaguar business, I promise. Let me know how things turn out!

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