The Baby Jaguar

The baby jaguar

Skipper’s Post:

You don’t need anything more than the photo above to know that the new “cat” is actually a baby jaguar! Look at those evil eyes! And it’s claws are all dripping blood. Plus, it’s orange! And it has spots!

A jaguar can’t change its spots

Okay, I might have doctored those photos a little bit. You know jaguars have great camouflage, right? Sometimes you have to adjust the image to bring out it’s true colors. But that is what he really looks like! See the bloody mouth and claws? That is probably capybara blood! Not mine. Not yet.

MelT’s interpretation

Personally, I think MelT is color blind, she thinks I am, but now there is evidence that it’s her. Apparently she can’t see orange. Or blood-red. It’s frightening to think she could bring a jaguar into our home and not even know it!

Keep your enemies close

If this animal is going to live with us — and I hope all of us stay alive — I’m going to have to befriend it. It’s nice to see that it eats cat food as well as capybaras. I hope the cat food satiates it even when it gets big. Anyway, even a jaguar wouldn’t eat its friends, would it? (That’s a real question, please answer with a comment. This is life and death!)


Sharing food

I have heard that in some human cultures, people cannot kill each other if they have shared a meal. I am really, really, really hoping that works for jaguars too. I’m sharing its meal in the photo. Do you think it has to share my meal for the taboo to work? (That’s a real question, please answer with a comment. This is life and death!)



It likes to show its teeth. Usually they are caked with blood but the hard cat food scrapes it off. Do those teeth grow as the jaguar grows?  (That’s a real question, please answer with a comment. This is life and death!)


Danger Will Robinson!

I don’t know who Will Robinson is, but this is something that MelT says sometimes. I figured it is appropriate. The cats, Driftwood and Mamba, don’t think they’re at risk because jaguars are also cats. I’m afraid they might not know what they are talking about. Won’t a jaguar it a cat? (That’s a real question, please answer with a comment. This is life and death!)

Will it see me here?

Do you think I can hide in the fireplace? It smells sooty in here. Maybe jaguars hunt by scent and the soot will disguise me? (That’s a real question, please answer with a comment. This is life and death!)

My last photo

I thought I would close this post with a photo of me. This might be the last one to ever be taken of me alive. I don’t know if MelT will have a funeral for me because that’s not her way. She’ll probably leave me out in the pasture of the vultures and the coyotes. That’s if there’s anything left after the jaguar gets done, it’s small but it has an appetite. So maybe you could hold a candlelight vigil and think back to better days.



8 comments to The Baby Jaguar

  • Raquel

    Hahahahaha! Skipper, you can’t be more drama queen even trying! Don’t worry so much, see, that’s what I think: yes, it’s a jaguar, but it’s a dwarf one!
    Yes, dwarf ja wars do exist, and they can’t outgrow a giant capy such as you are. If he tries to bite you, you can send him flying with just a gentle kick of your paw.
    So don’t be so coward! Be a brave capybara and show that mini jaguar what is yours!

  • Judy

    Oh! Skipper Rous I see whatyou mean. This kitty could be a Jaguar in disguise. It is almost Halloween. So yes you have eaten the kitty’s cat food now Ion must eat some Capybara food in order for it not to eat you since you shared a meal. Maybe you could share one of those cat treats you love with it. That would help.
    You need to remember that you also have very large and powerful teeth to defend yourself in time of need. I doubt if you will need to use them . I think in time you and Ion will be best buddies.

  • MicheleM

    It’s a lovely little jaguar, Skipper. And I’m quite sure, QUITE SURE that if you share a meal together things will be fine. I know It’s a matter of life or death so I KNOW everything will turn out fine. Why, you may even learn to love the jaguar!!!
    PS,maybe you should teach the jaguar the joys of a good mud roll!!

  • Ginger Shekell

    Oh my! You have 3 kitties now! I know you’ll be just fine you gorgeous capybara

  • Ken Shaw

    Skipper Rous, you look the most adorable in the fireplace but I think you are safe no matter where you go. As long as the jaguar is well fed, there should be no problems.

  • Misha

    Deep breaths Skipper 🙂

    Trust me when I tell you that that is not a baby jaguar. It is a nice, little tabby cat 😉 I am pretty sure once things calm down you two might even make friends <3

  • Daniela

    Think of it this way: once you have befriended that baby jaguar (no worries about that, babies of all species are very impressionable. In fact, if you wish to, you can probably convince it that you are the Supreme Galactic Overlord.), you will be the world’s only capybara who has a tame JAGUAR willing to defend you if need be.
    Very impressive, and you’ll be safer than ever.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    My hewman friends have a baby jaguar – I petted her yesterday and she very friendly. She has not attacked any of the 4 children or the grandma. I didn’t see any blood or any bite or claw marks on any of the hewmans. I believe you’re quite safe

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