Madeline Zuluaga: Capybara Artist

A Madeline Zuluaga Capybara

A Melanie’s Post:

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the most amazing image on twitter, well, Skipper did anyway. It was a capybara watercolor by Madeline Zuluaga. I immediately fell in love with her work. And now I want to share it with you!

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that Madeline will be at Anime NYC THIS WEEKEND (Nov. 17 – 19)! I have been having computer problems or I would have told you sooner. I hope you NYers haven’t already made plans!

Madeline Zuluaga

I imagine this is what the Madeline Zuluaga booth is going to look like, chock full of amazing capybara art. And Madeline. Oh, and her tablemates  Giselle Sarmiento and Marlena Konglau.

  I suppose Madeline was always an artist, but she got formal training at School of Visual Arts in New York City, her home sweet hometown. She just graduated in 2016, so all of those important lessons are probably still with her.

As anyone who loves capybaras knows, they are all over the internet. That is how Madeline first came to love them, through some of the many mood emojis packages. In some ways, capybaras are sneaky. They sneaked up on Madeline and before she knew it, she had a whole stack of capybara drawings. It happens.

Madeline admits that the Japanese obsession with capybaras probably influenced her. That is why an anime convention is perfect for her to display and sell her work.

 Along with standalone pieces, Madeline will have other capybara related items.

Capybara Parade is a personal children’s book about a capybara that helps a turnip family immigrate to new land. The book is 52 pages, including front and back covers, and is full color.

Her capybara acrylic key chains will be the perfect gift for the collector or person who love to decorate their clothes or bags with key chains. (Hey! That’s me! I’ve been wanting something to bling up my white cane!)

Even if you can’t make the conventions — I know, my bad — you can still find her work on social media. Check her website, instagram, twitter, and tumbler accounts.

I’ve already got four of her prints, so beware, they are hard to resist.

Drop a comment to let me (and Madeline) know what you think of her capybara art. And if you get to the convention, photos would be excellent!

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