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Melanie’s Post:

I know you’ve seen that photo before, but it is a good example of this post’s topic: All Things Capybara. You wouldn’t believe how few capybara items there are available worldwide. Too few. Way too few. But if anyone is a collector of such items, it is me. So in this post, I’m going to share a few of my most interesting capybara artifacts.

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Now on to the post!

Super Capy and Capycoppy

As some of you know, I have contributed to the small variety of capybara stuff that is out there. These two are Super Capy (front) and Capycoppy (rear). Super Capy is based on Garibaldi Rous and Capycoppy is based on Caplin Rous. I am no longer selling these, although I have some Super Capy’s left. If I ever do another contest, I will use them as prizes.

Kapibara-san and a tailed capybara

Kapibara-san is the little thing on the left. He is enormously popular in Japan, but he really does not look like a capybara. If you are ever in Japan, you can see Kapibara-san in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and with animal friends.

The other plush is clearly a capybara, but what is with that tail? Still, it’s pretty cute.

Realistic toy capybaras

These two are also from Japan although I got them on the internet. They are really well done and are my favorite of the toy capybaras.

Toy capybaras

These are not my favorite of the toy capybaras. The one in the front is fine, but nothing special. The one in the back looks like a demon! Do they not know that capybaras get along with everybody?

Caplin in a pool

This one is not a toy, it is a work of art! One of Caplin’s fans made it for him. It is absolutely adorable.

Gari in a chair

This one is also a work of art! I got it off the internet but I talked to the artist and she said it is based on Garibaldi Rous. He used to love to sleep on a chair I have in the living room.

Capy keychain

My daughter got his one at the Singapore Zoo several years ago. They have a “Night Safari” there where you take a tram around the zoo and get to see the animals at night. That is the only way you can see the capybaras there.

Uruguay postage stamp

I don’t know why every country does not have capybara stamps! Well, you might be thinking that only countries within their range would have them. How wrong you would be!

Vietnam capybara stamp

I have never heard that capybaras are particularly admired in Vietnam, but it does make me think more highly of a country with such admirable appreciation. And, obviously, Vietnam is not within the range of wild capybaras.

Wooden capy from Brazil

I looked everywhere when I was in Brazil trying to find cute capybara stuff. There wasn’t ANY. And I don’t mean there wasn’t any cute stuff, there wasn’t any capybara anything. Not even any tee-shirts. Finally I found this one in the airport as I waited for my departing flight.

His head comes off

Stacy Winnick, caretaker of the famous Dobby Winnick, gave me this little guy. Like me, she had no luck finding capybara items in Brazil. She got this interesting Brazilian creature through mail several years after her trip. Interestingly, his head comes off. It is held on by small magnets. When opened, it reveals a very small opening just large enough for, let’s say, a marijuana cigarette. Just saying.

Also Brazilian

These two were given to me by the ultimate authority on all things capybara. I’m not going to mention her name because she is shy. She got these two many years ago when she stayed in Brazil. Back then, they apparently appreciated the noble demeanor of capybaras.

Capybara mailbox

I’m going to end this post with my unique capybara mailbox. I had it specially made. I was going to use it as an actual mailbox but I worried that someone might steal it or it would get damaged. Instead I use it to hold mail waiting for me to get around to looking at it.

Of course, I have some other things but I think I’m going to halt the post here. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have any interesting capybara items, put in a comment! If you want me to share a photo of yours, send the photo to We would love to see them!

Don’t forget that Skipper’s birthday is Feb. 7th! 

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