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A Skipper Post:

Do you see me in that photo above? No? Well, I am hiding underneath that blanket. MelT says I still look cute, even when she can’t see me. I guess that’s true because the people from Inside Edition thought I was cute, too. That’s right! I am now a bonafide TV star! This post is going to give you an inside look at filming for Inside Edition.

Trying to steal the show

You wouldn’t believe what a camera hog MelT was! She gave a really long on-camera interview which, luckily, they didn’t use any of. It took them forever to set up the shot. Honestly, I don’t know how they could have thought people would want to see her when they could have been seeing me.

On the other hand, I really wish they had JUST used her! Then they wouldn’t have been stalking me with all that camera gear.


Finally, I decided to let them know I was there. I put on my cutest smile and a little sparkle in my eye. I hope they appreciate that.

This is not swimming weather

If you want to see a tropical animal such as me swimming, you really should not film in the winter. I did get in for a bit, but only because MelT forced me. In and out in a flash. One chance, that’s it. Luckily they got something because they even used two seconds of this in the show.

Can’t a capy get any peace?

It’s true, fame comes with a price; the cameras follow you everywhere. Even into the bedroom! I have to admit, this is a cute shot of me, but still.

Nowhere is safe

This is my baby face. You can’t tell I’m a day over six months and you’d never guess I weigh 135 lbs. I don’t think the camera adds any weight to my image at all.

Everyone wants a photo

This is just how amazingly beautiful I am. Even the film crew wanted to have a their photo taken with me! I bet they never saw an animal as cute as I am! Certainly not the skunk or hedgehog who shared the spot with me. Really? A skunk and a hedgehog? You’ve got to be kidding.

Say cheese!

The cameraman brought his son with him. The kid loved me! I’m not a huge fan of kids though, but he was no worse than most. Maybe a little better.

One annoying thing about the kid was that MelT gave him my copy of Dobby’s book! I couldn’t believe it! That wasn’t hers to give away! And Dobby had even signed it for me himself! Then… Well, you’re not going to believe this. Then she gave me a NEW copy of his book for my winter holiday present! How does that work? She took something that was mine and gave it to someone else, then she replaces it with a different, lesser, copy of the same thing and calls it a “present!” Thanks, but I’ll skip the presents from now on.

Here’s a link to me, Mudskipper (aka Skipper, aka Muddy), Rous on Inside Edition. You have to get through the skunk part first. 

Little known fact: I am not the first capybara to appear on Inside Edition. My illustrious predecessor, Caplin Rous, also did a spot way back in 2010. And Chico Wren had an appearance in May, 2016. That wasn’t even very long ago! But no one gets tired of capybaras, right?

One last thing, MelT says I have to give a shoot out to Nancy Ray for helping out She brings me corn so, Thanks Nancy!

4 comments to Inside Inside Edition

  • Ed

    You done good, kid.

  • They wanted to film me, too, but the Farm Manager said “No Way José!” That’s your job, and I’m happy to let you represent me. Too bad about the book, though. Did you even get to taste it?

  • Judy

    Skipper you were awesome. And very potogenic. Sorry about Dobby’s book.
    You have always been a star in my eyes.

  • Judy

    Skipper you were awesome. And very potogenic. Sorry about Dobby’s book.
    You have always been a star in my eyes.

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