If Gari Were Eight

Garibaldi Rous

Melanie’s post:

Today would have been Garibaldi (Gari) Rous’ eighth birthday. It’s a day to take some time to remember him. For those of you who weren’t following the blog then, I hope you will look back to the posts between Jan. 2011 through Feb. 2014, the short time that Gari lived with me.

The day we met

This is a photo of little Gari on the day we met. It was Jan. 23rd, 2011. Gari was almost 11 months old. I rehomed him from a family who could no longer care for him. It was a good match for both of us. I was still reeling from the loss of Caplin Rous. I needed someone to help me through that, and Gari needed someone to take him in and love him. We needed each other.

Love and warmth

He adapted to our house quickly. A little warmth, a soft place soft to sleep, and someone to love, just what we all need.

Playing in the pool

Gari had never really been swimming before I got him. He loved it. He was always so playful in the pool.

Love that face

Gari sharing with Maple

Like most capybaras, Gari got along with everyone. Sure, he liked to chase the rabbits (but only if they decided to run), but he also shared his meals with them.

Sharing with a squirrel

Gari with Bakersfield

Gari with Flopsy

Gasri with Jim Perry

Gari with just about everyone

These are all photos taken in 2011, Gari’s first year with me. I think I am going to stop here. There is too much to share about Garibaldi for a single post. I will make separate posts for 2012 and 2013. I don’t have much for 2014 because that is after I (mostly) lost my vision. And then I lost him, which is worse.

I hope what I’ve showed you so far impresses you with what a wonderful animal, pet, and friend he was. Memories are hard, but they are also beautiful.

7 comments to If Gari Were Eight

  • Joann Taylor

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories of Gari!

  • Lovely. Thank you so much.

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing these photos and memories of Gari. They really show that you gave him a wonderful home and helped him flourish. The pictures of him with other animals show how gentle he was with them, and he looks so happy in the pictures in the water. I never had the chance to meet him except through your blog posts – and yet I remain so sad for the loss of such a wonderful and special capy.

  • Frances Eby

    I’ll always remember the wonderful time I had meeting you and Gari. He was so sweet. He even got in the pool for me while I fed him lettuce. I loved when he let me scratch his tummy.

  • Judy

    Thank you for sharing Gari with us. He was adoreable. And Thank you Melanie for rescueing him. ❤❤

  • Ed

    What an outstanding boy.

  • Ginger Shekell

    I cannot believe I’ve been following you for so long. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal and special part of your life with us

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