when Gari Was Two

A loveable nose

Melanie’s Post:

I always said that Caplin was dignified and Garibaldi was a clown. The photo above demonstrates that. He was never the staid, thoughtful, discerning capybara that Caplin was, and he never strove for it. Gari, the Capybara Clown.

Not on the lips!

He was a very friendly capybara…sometimes maybe a little too friendly.

Is “Things on Capybaras’ Heads” a thing?

Poor little Gari! He had to put up with a lot. 

Pool Play

The water was Gari’s element. This is where his clownish behavior was almost overwhelming. He was almost never upside up when he was in the water. He didn’t seem to understand the concept.

He had a cute chin

And sharp teeth! He could bite right through that inner tube. Again, upside down.

It’s not big enough!

Everyone who knows anything about little Garibaldi Rous knows that rolling was his superpower. The wading pool had gotten too small for him, impossible to roll in.

Gari and WBB1 (Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st) shared the same ridiculous nose. Well, maybe not as ridiculous on WBB1. Even with button eyes, and big ears, and no legs, WBB1 seems more dignified than Gari.


Gari, Flopsy, and a turtle statue were pirates in support of Maple WOMER, the World’s Most Expensive Rabbit. She had to have her eye removed due to a problem with her teeth. Expensive!


It’s amazing that he could even make walking look funny!


He was funny at any speed. Did he have to stick his tongue out?


I think I’ll end this post with a photo of Gari sleeping with a Super Capy plush toy. He looked sweet when he was asleep. Sweet, but still silly. 

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