I Have a Pool

The only pool I need

Mudskipper Post:

Something has happened to our yard. I haven’t decided if I like it or not. It was all MelT’s idea, I would never have agreed to it if she’d asked me. Of course, she didn’t. She never wants my opinion. The thing that happened is that my well-loved wading pool has been replaced by a huge hole in the ground that swallows unwary capybaras! I’ll tell you all about it.

What’s that?

It started out innocently enough, although a bunch of people came over and that is never good. Anyway, they made this cute little wooden enclosure. I assumed it was for a guinea pig. I miss WBB1 so that would have been nice.

A huge machine

As if having all of those people around wasn’t bad enough, this huge monster of a machine came over and started digging inside the new guinea pig enclosure. I don’t think guinea pigs are subterranean, WBB1 never was, so I couldn’t figure this out. Basically, I just wanted them to go away, and to go away fast.

That is not what happened.

What have they done now?

One day when it was just me and MelT, we went out to see what was going on. By now that horrible machine had piled up so much dirt that you couldn’t see over it. It’s like they were hiding something, which I think they were.

This is what they did

This is what I saw, minus the people. I wouldn’t go out there when people were around, besides, it was daylight, time for sleeping. Anyway they built a huge hole. It was much too deep for a guinea pig. It seemed to me that too deep for a guinea pig might be deep enough for a capybara! Clearly, I am not going in that thing!

The noise never ends

Some huge trucks came one day. I have never heard anything so loud! I thought it was going to break my little ears! But this is what they were doing, spraying some weird stuff onto the sides of the hole. And the bottom, but not the top. The weird stuff dried so fast it didn’t even drip! 

This is what happened

By this time, the hole was starting to look like a cement pond. What use could that be?

It is a cement pond!

I have never seen anything like it!

Maybe I should try to put my toes in, no point rushing things

That went okay. The pond isn’t full of some poisonous substance. It seems to be water. Invisible water. Who knew that could happen?

Taking the plunge

That didn’t turn out so great, did it! The new pond/pool tried to eat me! Turns out that is not water, it is the saliva of a ravenous beast. There’s some invisible monster lurking in that invisible water.

I’m not a particularly brave capybara, but at MelT’s insistence I tried again. This time the pool hardly had any water in it. That’s when I discovered that there are steps leading down to the bottom. The best thing is, the steps also lead OUT of the pool. That is good to know.

That day I went in and out of the pool a whole bunch of times. More than three. The next day I went in once. Now I don’t think it’s such a good idea. MelT says I have to do it or she is going to replace me with a “better” capybara. I don’t think she means it, right? She’s bluffing.

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this post. I need MelT’s help and she has been claiming she is otoo busy. Also that it is too depressing that I won’t go in. I hate to see her sad like that, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Anyway, I will try to get my next post out in a timely manner. I have a lot of stuff to share right now. My life has been so exciting!

8 comments to I Have a Pool

  • Judy

    Oh ! Skipper I am so glad you went on the pools few times. Once you get use to uour new beautiful pool you won’t want to get out! And now that you know that there are stairs to help you walk in and out of the pool safely. You conwuer your fear of being swallowed up. Mel T. Is doing everthing she can tbink of to make you happy and keep you safe. Praying you enjoy your beautiful pool and that you allow Mel to join you for a swim and plaing with you in your pool. Remember the more time yiu spend in the pool maybe Mel will let you have a pool party with all your friends. Love you Skipper Rouse

  • rosenatti

    I dunno. It really does look like the gaping maw of cement-based lifeform with an appetite for capybaras. Proceed cautiously!

  • Beverly Boher

    Oh Skipper! I hope you get used to it and eventually love it! It looks wonderful. You are a big, brave girl – you can do it!

  • Sandra

    A Capy who doesn’t like to swim? What is this world coming to? Skipper, please overcome your fear of the water and learn to love the pool so MelT doesn’t have to find another capy who would love to swim!

  • Margaret

    Skipper, swimming is fun! You’ll get used to it and then one day you will start to enjoy it,I’m sure. Keep trying. Maybe MelT will join you? Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Ed

    Letting her do it in the empty pool so she could see the steps is a great idea. With the typical capy memory I am sure she will remember that.

  • You will like it when the water turns greenish brown, like the Amazon.

  • Little K

    I totally can relate. That pool looks scary. Way too deep, if you ask me. And what’s with all that water, really? You can’t wade in it, if there is too much water! It’s also a new thing in your domain, and even when new things eventually turn out to be good, first they are bad just because they are new and you just can’t trust them. Common prey animal wisdom. Why must humans always invent these new things, I’ll never know. I’m perfectly happy to do the same things every day with same people. Ok, so it’s good to have new toys every now and then. But that’s where I draw the line.

    However, being six years old already, I have learned that this is just how humans are. If I were you, I’d keep on investigating that thing. It doesn’t seem to be able to pounce on you, after all, which is good. It doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon either. So try to make best out of the situation and try to find out if there’s any way to have fun in it. Who knows, sometimes new-bad things turn out not to be so bad after all.

    Your fan,
    Little K the rabbit

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