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Skipper’s Post:

I have a lot of things to blog about. I have fallen way, way, way behind. But you’ve got to start if you’re going to catch up. I’m starting with an update on my pool situation. If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, you’ll know that this has been a long term problem with serious disagreements between me and MelT. Those are now resolved.

Check it out

I hate to admit it, but MelT was right, the pool is a good thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing. And not just the water part, there is delicious grass growing on every side! Even so, grass is grass, but this pool is like no water I have ever seen.

Pool buddies

At first I didn’t want to go in by myself. I’m sure you humans know that deep water is scary. I mean you don’t even have webbed toes, it’s amazing you can swim at all! As you can see in the photo above, I was braver than my friend Nancy. Even with me to protect her, she was still too afraid to get in. I like her because she is smart. A coward, but a smart coward. (By the way, cowardice is a highly valued trait among capybaras.)


It didn’t take me long to realize that I can stand up in the water. In fact, there is no place too deep for me to stand on my hind tippy-toes. That takes some of the fear out of it.

Capybara paddling

Then I learned out to capybara paddle. That’s what my predecessor, Garibaldi Rous, referred to as surface swimming

An expert

I am now an expert at surface swimming. I can keep that up for several feet and maybe a whole 30 seconds at this point. That’s probably a world record.

Coming up for air

I might be slightly better at submerged swimming. MelT says I should be able to stay under for 5 minutes! Ha! She’s a bit of a (bad) joker. I’d like to see her stay under for 5 minutes. I’ll bet she can’t even beat my 15 second record! 

Catch me if you can!

I’m much faster doing submerged swimming than I am doing surface swimming. I get better use of my super-webbed hind feet. I’m as fast in the water as a bird is in the air!

What’s this?

I made an important discovery! There are things called “noodles.” They float.They can be dangerous but, if properly trained, very useful. I have two videos about them that you simply must see.

The video above shows a noodle training session. It’s pretty graphic so you might want to make any kids leave the room.

That video shows how useful a trained noodle can be. Surface swimming is so tiring but even MelT can stay afloat if I loan her one of my trained noodles. You can see Pinky had a difficult training session. She’s got quite a few scares form it.

What do you think?

Did you like my blog? Do you like swimming? Do you have your own noodles? Which of my blog photos do you like the best? Did you know that I LOVE hearing from my readers? Post a comment to let me know what you think!

10 comments to Deeper is Better

  • Stephanie

    Oh, Skipper, you are priceless . I luv “Death to the Noodle”

    Yr pool is fab — you go, girl

  • Ken Shaw

    Well, this is wonderful! To see how you are enjoying the superb pool MelT built for you! Seem truly happier, your personality is showing!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hi Skipper! It’s been awhile since I read your blog
    Not because I didn’t want to, but I have been busy moving. I am so happy for you. I love your pool. You have grown so much and your so beautiful.I still have so many of your baby photos. Now that I finally got caught up with my new life,I will have more time to go on the internet and see you
    Tell Melt I think about her and hope she is fine. Much love, Ann from Buffalo❤

  • Christina Miller

    I never go swimming without a noodle!

  • Nancy Ray

    Dear Skipper,
    I like your blog and I love you!❤️

  • Sandra Shepard

    It is wonderful to see you enjoying your pool (finally) and training those pesky noodles! Hopefully you will now find time to keep us all updated on your antics.

  • Judy

    Oh Skipper! I am so excited for you now that you have discovered your awesome pool that Mel T had made especially for you. I hope you have many adventures in your pool. Thank you for sharing your adventures in and out of your pool.

  • MicheleM

    My favorite part…….the picture of your little cappy heiney!!

  • Margaret

    Hi Skipper!

    I’m glad to see that you are having fun in your pool. I love to swim myself, though it is too cold here in upstate New York to swim outside right now. By the way, the more you practice your surface swimming, the less tiring it will be.


  • Michelle

    Oh my! Those toes are just so adorable! Had no idea capy toes were so cute since you so rarely get to see them clean! I now want shoes that duplicate your footprints so I can leave capy tracks wherever I go!

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