Countdown to Caplin Day : 4

Capybara at San Diego Zoo

Melanie’s Post:

Caplin Day is the perfect excuse to visit a zoo to see some capybaras. Or you could “adopt” or sponsor a capybara at a zoo or wildlife park. Be sure to mention that you are there specifically to see the capybaras. We need to make zoos aware that capys are the favorite animal of a lot of people.

San Antonio Zoo Capybara

Not all zoo situations are perfect for capybaras. This capy was living alone in a dirt enclosure where he was not easy to see. He did have access to water for swimming but he had to go through a little gate to get to it. Not very inviting. The San Antonio Zoo no longer has capybaras so I don’t know what happened to this one.

Plaque at San Antonio Zoo

Although the capybara was hard to view and looked miserable, they had a pretty informative sign.

Capybara in Slovenian Zoo

This is Stinky, a capybara in a zoo in Slovenia. Stinky could do a capybara agility course! Not sure if he is still there, but he is an amazing capybara. Make sure you follow the link to my blog post about him.

The ROUS Foundation keeps a web page with a list of zoos worldwide that have capybaras. Click on the photo above to look at it.

If you go to a zoo, buy a popsicle at one of the vendors and eat it while watching the capybaras. A perfect way to celebrate Caplin Day!

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