Countdown to Caplin Day: 5


Melanie’s Post:

Caplin Day is about sharing memories, images, and stories about all capybaras, living and dead. My previous post, Countdown to Caplin Day: 7, focused on living capybaras, today’s will focus on capybaras we have lost.

The capybara in the photo above was named Little. Quite the misnomer. Little was the largest capybara we have heard of. She weighed about 250 lbs. She started out as a bit of a runt, which is how she got her name.


If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that babyJinxx just died. He has a lot of followers remembering him. You can eat a popsicle in memory of babyJinxx.


The ROUS Foundation helps with understanding and promoting capybara health. Rousabel was named after the foundation. 


Blancanieves was the only albino capybara that I have heard of. She was born in Bolivia. Like many albino animals, she had serious health issues an only lived for a couple of months. Poor little girl.


Penelope was the runt of her litter. Nevertheless, she won the hearts of everyone who knew her. 


Rocco was born in the wild in Argentina. He got a really, really hard start on life. His mother was killed by hunters and he and his siblings were torn from her body. The others were killed, gutted, and eaten by the hunters, but Rocco was rescued when his soon-to-be owner happened upon the scene and rescued him. So much for life in the wild. Rocco grew up as a “carpincho mascota,” pet capybara, and lived a happy life in captivity.


Chico was a great capybara ambassador. He made many school visits to teach people about how great rodents can be.Chico died of cancer at three and a half years old.

Caplin’s grandma & grandpa with their last baby, Little

Captain and Queen were Caplin’s grandparents, and also the parents of Little, whose photo is at the top of the page. Captain lived to the very ripe old age of 18. As far as I know, that is a record.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde were Caplin’s parents. They are also Dobby Winnick’s parents. Dobby is about a year and a half younger than Caplin.

Sadly, many capybaras have died in captivity. Some of them have died young, but many have lived to ripe old ages. Caplin Day is a chance to remember them all and to celebrate their lives.

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