Countdown to Caplin Day: 7

Dobby Winnick on his 3rd Birthday

Melanie’s Post:

Caplin Day isn’t just about Caplin and Gari, or even Caplin and Gari and Mudskipper. Since it is also Capybara Appreciation Day, it is about all capybaras, living and dead. That’s why I included this photo of Dobby on his 3rd birthday. He is alive and well and 9.5 years old now. Quite the handsome capybara.

Wesley & Fiona

Hopefully you all remember Wesley and Fiona from the Snake Farm. If not, you can search the blog to find all of my posts about them. They are both doing well. I visited them recently but it was boiling hot and all they wanted to do was sleep. That is until I threw them a couple of Nicker Makers horse treats. Sadly, I am not sure they remember me. I remember them though. Happy Caplin Day to Wesley & Fiona!

Romeo & Tuff’n

Romeo and Tuff’n were cute little babies.

Me with Romeo & Tuff’n in 2014

I got to meet these two adorable capybaras in 2014. Romeo is just over six years old and Tuff’n is just under.


Mia is Wesley and Fiona’s daughter. She is only a few months old in this photo taken in 2014. She’s alive and well now and even has capybara grandchildren.


And don’t forget little Mudskipper Rous! She even had her first nighttime pool party last night. A good time was had by all.

There are a whole lot of capybaras trotting or swimming around the world today, both in captivity and in the wild. Dn’t forget to remember them on Caplin Day!

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