Countdown to Caplin Day: 9

Celebrating the 4th

Melanie’s Post:

It is now 9 days until Caplin Day, July 10th. Time to make preparations for your celebrations. There are many ways to celebrate Caplin Day, aka Capybara Appreciation Day, but none of them is fireworks. Fireworks are more likely to scare a capybara than to make them feel loved and appreciated. This is also true on July 4th, US Independence Day. Remember to keep your capybaras and other animals safe. Don’t let your capybara, dog, cat, horse, lemur, or whatever other animal you have, sneak out on its own!

So, if not fireworks, how can you celebrate?

YouTube Preview Image
Caplin’s most watched video on YouTube

The video above shows one of the great ways: eat a popsicle! Popsicles, especially yogurt ones, were Caplin’s favorite food. He’d do just about anything for a popsicle.

YouTube Preview Image
A video of Caplin swimming

Like nearly all capybaras – Mudskipper being the exception – Caplin loved to swim. So swimming is another good way to celebrate Caplin Day. It’s lucky that it is in the summer!

Gari swimming upside down

Of course, capybara appreciation isn’t limited to Caplin. You can celebrate by doing some of Garibaldi’s favorite activities: swimming + rolling. Or just swim upside down, the rolling might make you dizzy.

YouTube Preview Image
Gari begging for peanuts

One of Gari’s favorite food was peanuts. You could celebrate by eating some. Probably you won’t have to beg.

There are lots of ways to celebrate. You could go visit capybaras in a zoo. You could post capybara photos on your Facebook page or blog. You could talk about capybaras to people who haven’t been exposed to their wonderfulness. You get the idea.



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