Return of the Tatars

The most beautiful plate in the world!

Skipper’s Post:

This post is a long time coming since my friends from Tatarstan were here at the end of March, but times have been busy. Anyway, look at the truly amazing plate they gave me! I didn’t know that capybaras were so popular in Tatarstan. But of course we are; to know us is to love us. The capy in the center is brilliant, but the design on the rim is also very unique. It is a traditional Tatar pattern. Really beautiful. Rawil and Golnur have visited before. That puts them in the elite group of serial capybara stalkers. It sounds bad but it is really good.

Me in a tatar cap

They also brought me this traditional Tatar cap. I think I look pretty amazing in it. I like the pink color and the sequins, plus it fits me!

Another shot of me in my hat.

Where is Tatarstan anyway? Can I see it from here?

Another other photo of me in my hat

Rawil really wanted a photo of me with my hat on. Apparently, it is a rare combination. I know how all those famous people fill with cameras going off in their face! Since I’m a famous capybara, it just makes sense.

Nancy wearing my Tatar Hat

This is my friend Nancy in my Tatar hat. It looks very small on her. You are probably thinking that she must have a GIANT head . But no, that’s not it. In Tatarstan people have very, very small heads. Just kidding. Actually they like tiny hats. But only women wear small ones; men get full sized caps that aren’t pink. Another reason to be glad I am a girl.

Me with Rawil

Rawil has a funny face. Don’t tell him I said that.

Me with Rawil and Golnur

Here we are comparing noses. I won! Rawil came in second. Golnur was third. Or matbe it’s because she is in the back.

Out and about

We had a little photo shoot out in the yard. I tried to look my cutest. Ha! I don’t have to try!

Action shot

This could be on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Look at me go!

Golnur with the horses

Sometimes people go out to pet the horses after they visit with me. Horses get very excited about getting treats. You’ll be glad to know that they didn’t snap Golnur’s had off.

Four humans

I don’t know what this photo is doing in my blog post. MelT made me do it.

Me and Driftwood

I let Driftwood get in one photo. He was a little jealous.

That’s it. I will try not to make you wait so long between posts.

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