In Memoriam: Joejoe the Capybara Kennedy

It is hard to lose such an enormous personality as Joejoe the Capybara. Arguably, he took over the crown of World’s Most Famous Capybara after Caplin died. As a capybara ambassador, Joejoe was the best, most outgoing, brave, photogenic, and friendly. To say he will be missed is putting it mildly.

JoeJoe and his owner, Cody Kennedy

The match of Joejoe to his owner was perfect from the start. 

Baby Joejoe could fit in a guinea pig cage

Probably the thing that Joejoe is best known for is his friendships with other animals. He is probably the inspiration for the “capybaras get along with everyone” meme. And he deserves it. There are so many adorable photos of him schmoozing with other members of the animal kingdom that I can’t possible post all of them, but I’m going to try.

Joejoe with a sugar glider

Joejoe with a kingsnake

Joejoe with a box turtle

How cute, they are sharing! Probably because most capybaras don’t like carrots.

Playing in the mud

There are so many cute photos. I’m just going to have to throw some random ones in.

Joejoe smothered in chicks

Joejoe sporting a duckling

Isn’t there such a thing as going too far?

Joejoe with a mini-pig

Capybaras do NOT look like pigs. Stop saying that.

Bath time for baby Joejoe

And the water keeps falling on my head head head head
The water keeps falling on my head.

Side by side with a parrot

Joejoe with a koookaburra

I do not know how people manage to confuse capybaras with kokaburras. Joejoe clearly demonstrates that they do not look anything alike.

Joejoe with kittens (in hats)

Everyone is Irish

Besides animal friendships, Joejoe is also famous for the cute outfits he wore. Nobody can rock hats like Joejoe.

Joejoe with a puppy

Joejoe with a turtle on hi head

Are at-ats animals?

Does Godzilla count as an animal?

Joejoe with his girlfriend Sweetie the Capy


This is certainly not a full summation of Joejoe’s life, but maybe it will give you some appreciation for this amazing capybara. And there is still plenty of information about him on the web. You can find his Facebook page as Joejoe the Capybara. He is on twitter as @joejoe_capy. His youtube channel is JoeJoe the Capybara. He’s all over the internet. You’ll see him come up randomly on your Facebook or twitter feed.

Joejoe celebrating Caplin Day

One lat thing. It would be great if you could donate a little to the ROUS Foundation in memory of Joejoe. Joejoe used RF services when he was sick as a baby and the Foundation also funded his necropsy. 

And you can post your condolences to Cody on Joejoe’s Facebook page.

5 comments to In Memoriam: Joejoe the Capybara Kennedy

  • Chad

    Always knew how to rock the hats, got along with all animals, and most of all he was a very cute and happy capy. I’m devasted that he had passed on its heartbreaking, but at least we got a happy slideshow of joe joe with his cute outfits and chilling with other animals ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    (I want to donate to the ROUS Foundation but whenever I click on donate it says a message “Error 404 not found”. I don’t think the page is working, I really want to donate. Please look into it :), thank you!).

  • Stephanie Labbate

    JoeJoe was such a sweetie. He was so patient w/ the birdies who perched on him. And could rock the hats

  • Kevin C

    I love Joe Joe, he was one of the first capybaras I’ve followed in youtube, his name was so funny and has many videos interacting with other animales and eating, its a shame he’s gone, I will miss him.

  • ellie pattle hannah drummond

    joe joe will be missed alot me and hannah loved him very much and he got us through our lessons in Catering. RIP joe joe :(xxxxxxx

  • RIP joejoe. ๐Ÿ™ He was one of the only things that made me happy! ๐Ÿ™ Now me sad ๐Ÿ™

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