A Look Inside Me

I’m cute on the outside

Skipper’s Post:

I’m not too humble to appreciate just how cute I am. I’ve been admired by people near and far, from Russia to Australia to Kansas. It’s hard to disagree with that assessment. Impossible to disagree honestly. But did you know that I am also cute on the inside? Let’s take a look!

Do you remember that I had knew moan ya in August? Luckily, I recovered fully. Or did I? Like many humans, I had a persistent cough afterward. It lasted up until this week. MelT and I still aren’t sure it is gone.

That cough, and my continued weight loss (I got down to 119 –bit to swelt for me. –caused MelT to search frantically for an exotic animal vet who would come to our house. This was against my advice. I’d rather have a cough for the rest of my life than see a vet.

My beautiful teeth

Let’s start out with the best part of me, my teeth. Do you see how big and strong and wonderful they are? I’ll bet your teeth don’t look like that! My mouth looks little from outside, but it is really gigantic! I could bite your arm right off…but I don’t want to. Just remember that I could. But you’d have to come to my window seat in the office because that’s where I go when visitors come over. You can’t be too careful, humans have teeth too.

The vet said I have the most perfect teeth of any capybara she has ever seen! You are probably thinking that this is because she has never seen another capybara, but you would be wrong. She saw Garibaldi Rous once when he was up at A&M getting his teeth worked on. MelT was glad I didn’t have any problems like Gari had. It makes her cry when She thinks about it. Everytime she does that, I think I should bite her to remind her that my teeth are fine. Better than fine, perfect!

The inside of my neck

The vet took an picture of the inside of my neck. All clear! Nothing was stuck in there! At least nothing you could see on an x-ray. The vet gave me a little neck massage to see if she could feel anything. Nope. Perfect again!

The neck of a swan

Just kidding! That x-ray is really of my neck again, only from the side. Just as beautiful as the top view, I think. And you can see my shoulders and my ribs too. All perfect.

More of me

Look at all of those wonderful ribs! I do seem to have a big triangular hole in me. MelT says it’s where my heart would go if I had one. That was mean. I have a great big heart! I think that might be my lungs because they are just air anyway.

Did you notice my backbone? How cool is that? I’ve got big spines coming out of it. If I didn’t have my adorable skin and fur, I would look just like a scary dinosaur! I’m glad I have skin and fur because I don’t want to be scared of myself. How would I get any sleep?

Well, that’s it for the insides of me. I hope you liked it. Don’t be too jealous of my wonderful teeth and neck and spines and ribs and great big hole. I’m sure your insides look okay.

6 comments to A Look Inside Me

  • Jackie Coleman Wren

    Skipper, you remain absolutely stunning!!! We are so happy that you are doing well. We love you and we miss you!!! Hug melT

  • Diane

    Hope your cough goes away soon. Did you bite the vet?

  • Judy

    Wow! Your insides are exceptionally awesome Skipper Rouse just like your outself. So glad to hear that you are doing better and that you were brave enough to allow the nice vet to examine you and take pictures of your insides. Love you Skipper Rouse ❤❤

  • Holly Davis

    Oh, adorable Skipper. MelT cries because she’s so relieved that you won’t have to go through what Gari had to go through with teeth. She cries because she had to go through some heartbreaking times right along with Gari and it’s really hard for a mom to see her capy suffering while she can’t do anything to make it bearable. I am SO very happy that you and MelT found each other!!!
    One thing I am thankful for is that you are a girl capybara! I suppose that sounds silly and maybe it is, but the only girl I had met on Facebook was Cheesecake. And Chris P. had a male and female pair but they weren’t as…as….as sociable as you are. So I’m very glad you are here! Holly

  • Chad Myers

    Im glad everything is perfect Skipper! Love you Skipper!! <3

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