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Meeting My Bear

It has been a long time since my last post. I’ve been a bit under the weather. My pneumonia cleared up but I am still not quite myself. MelT is always worrying about me, even when I’m in tip-top shape, so you can imagine what a stress her stress is putting on me! Plus, we have both been lazy. The days are short now, MelT says they will get longer again some day, but it is depressing.

Even though I haven’t written a new post, I haven’t been completely idle. MelT and I put up some new videos! All of them are very, very cute. These will brighten your day. You’re going to need it if things keep going as they are. MelT even says that tonight time is going to change so that everyone gets up later to go to work or to school. I think this is crazy. I am going to get up when the sun sets, just like usual.

The first video, the one at the top of the post, shows me and My Bear. With me and my bear it was love at first sight. And we are still besties, although he is now much smaller than he used to be.

You’ll notice baby Driftwood in the video. He was pretty cute as a kitten. Amazingly, Driftwood has also gotten smaller over time! He used to be bigger than me. How weird is that? 

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If it Fits, I Sits!

I am glad I got my new pool, but I still like my old water bowl. There was a time when my whole body fit in it. But, like My Bear and Driftwood, the bowl has been getting smaller over time. It is still fun though.

Off to the Races with my friend Alley

I don’t often race humans. Where’s the fun? It’s like falling off a cliff, anyone can do it. I mean win. Anyone can beat humans at an underwater race. Still, my friend Alley thought we should give it a try. I held back, but it was still pretty humiliating for her. She’s not going to make the Olympics, I can tell you that.

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An Evening Swim

Even when I am not racing humans, I like to do laps in the pool. It’s great exercise. I love the way the water streams over my fur and my torpedo like shape. Actually, torpedos are shaped like capybaras, not the other way around. We had that shape long before there even were torpedos. I do a bunch of laps every day. More than three, but that’s as high as I can count. I use my hind feet and tick off my toes to count and there are only three of them. MelT insists that there are many, many numbers larger than three, but she could belying.

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My Prince

This last video isn’t of me. It is Dobby Winnick, the love of my life. I look at this video whenever I get sad. I like to remember how happy he was, and how handsome. I am sure you all miss him, too. But it is good to remember the happy times.

Remember to leave a comment on the videos! Especially on Dobby’s. It will make Stacy happy to know that people are thinking about him.




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