Pond accompli

Me in Pond 2

Mudskipper’s Post:

Ever since I got my new pool, I have been ignoring my pond. At least on this blog. In real life, I still love my pond, which is now Pond 2. You can see me “swimming” in it in the photo above. Since I swim in my pool now, Pond 2 has been configured more with Nessie in mind.

Nessie in Pond 2

For those of you who don’t remember Nessie, she is my snapping turtle “friend.” I had to put that in quotes because I don’t think I am supposed to be scared of my friends, but I am just a little bit scared of Nessie.

Fearless fish

There are a bunch of goldfish in the pond (and a few minnows). They’re really pretty and they tickle when they brush up against me. I feel very sorry for them. They are very brave fish, but they live in constant danger! Nessie is lurking somewhere below with her huge mouth gaping open waiting for them to swim into her jaws. If Nessie bit me, I would only lose a paw. These fish would lose their whole body. All of us (except Nessie) try not to think about it.

The nose of terror

In case you doubt me about how scary Nessie is, check out the photo of her above. How would you like that ready to snap you up in one bite? I don’t think Nessie would bite people or capybaras, not for real, but more than one fish has mysteriously disappeared.

Queen of the hill

You might remember that MelT was making a little hill for me. It’s not like what she promised because I can’t run and jump into the pond from it. Of course, I could do that with the pool, but I don’t. I like my hill. It’s been awhile since this photo was taken, the hill has a lot of grass on it now. Grazing in the sky!

If you look behind the pond, you can see a grassy area right in front of the fence. That’s where Pond 1 used to be. MelT filled the whole thing in and planted the top with special grasses for me. It’s kind of like a grave. I don’t like to walk on top of it.

That’s it for today. Hope everyone is “enjoying” the fall weather. I know I am NOT. It is too cold for me to swim or go in Pond 2. I think I am really, really not going to like winter. MelT says winter is even colder.

Winter does have some holidays in it that are nice. And sometimes people give money to other people who don’t have as much money or who need something special like medical treatment or pet capybaras. Just kidding about that last one. Did you know that you can even give to capybaras who need medical treatment? It’s true! You could give to the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. Think about it! And it’s tax deductible, apparently a good thing.

You can also buy cute stuff to use as gifts from the ROUS Foundation CafePress store.

CafePress for ROUS Foundation

3 comments to Pond accompli

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Funny blog…as always 🙂 I like your hill. There was a movie called “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain”. Maybe your hill will become a mountain. I don’t really think Nessie would bite off your paw. You look SO cute swimming in the pond especially with tickling fish.

  • Jackie Coleman Wren

    We love you Skipper and Nessie :). Watch your widdle toes Skipper 🙂

  • Chad Myers

    Nice pond and I hope winter isn’t too bad for you Skipper!

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