Visitors Galore!

Me with some Spanish students

I had so many visitors this past weekend! It really wore me out. See that photo above? And that wasn’t even all of them. MelT says I wasn’t very accomodating. I don’t know what that means, so maybe I wasn’t.

Me being accommodating

MelT says this is an example of me NOT being accommodating. I beg to differ. Look how I am in the same room. Not bad, huh? Okay, MelT did close the doors to all of the other rooms, but still. Anyway, I didn’t bite anyone, which I definitely could have done.

Me and some people from the Spanish class

Everyone wanted their photo taken with me. And not just in one big group. So I had to suffer through several photo taking rituals. I admit, I wasn’t up to sitting with them, but at least I didn’t have my nose on the wall. Part of the time.

I’ll accommodate for treats

I let this person, who came with the students but is clearly not a student, feed me a treat. It’s a blurry photo but I wanted to show you just how accommodating I am.

My nose & a visitor

This is that same guy photobombing me. Who’s the blurry one now?

Enough of the students! Let’s move on to my next visitor.

Me in a tatar cap

Do you remember this photo of me from March? I am wearing a very cute Tatar hat that was given to me by my friend from Tatarstan. Tatarstan is a region in Russia where they don’t have any capybaras. A very sad place, I think. So my friend, Rawil, had to come visit me.

Rawil and has visited me before. In fact, two times! This was his third visit.

I look better in pink

I like Rawil, and his wife who couldn’t come this time. Only he brought me another traditional Tatar hat. This one is crazy. It couldn’t stay on anyone’s head, least of all mine. This lasted for about five seconds. MelT is fast with a camera.

Believe it or don’t, these caps aren’t made for capybaras, or even for children. These caps are for full-sized Tatar women! They wear them on special occasions, not to keep the plentiful snow off their heads.

Can you see me?

MelT says I wasn’t very accommodating to Rawil either. I wasn’t really hiding. I was just showing him how well I blend in to the winter vegetation. Impressive, yes?

A great shot

Rawil was able to capture my amazing camouflage on camera. He’s probably excited to show his friends how amazing it is. It would fool even the most observant jaguar.

He looks disappointed

I don’t know why Rawil would be disappointed, but he sure looks like he is in this photo. Why is he looking at his phone instead of looking at me? By the way, did you notice how well my color matches the grass? Also, my head really is darker than my body.

I might let you touch me

It’s kind of a game that I play where I let people get very close to touching me, and then I move away. Funny that most people don’t seem to like this game. Rawil didn’t like it either.

My best food forward

I actually set myself up for some very nice photos but Rawil was probably looking at his phone so he didn’t catch them. MelT took this. Did you notice that you can see how dark me head and neck are relative to my body?  I don’t know why. Some people say maybe my fur bleaches in the sun. I’m pretty sure my head has gone everywhere my body has gone though. Unless it is sleepwalking without me.

My nose is my good side

I let Rawil take some close up photos inside the house. Shouldn’t he use a real camera? I think I look better on a better camera.

How is this for accommodating?

What a good capybara I am, even if I have to say it myself because MelT won’t. I let Rawil feed me right out of his hand.

That’s it for this post. I think I’ve made my point, whatever it is. Does anyone else want to visit me?


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