My Birthday Cometh

Me and Driftwood Playing

It is almost my birthday! I’m going to be four big ones! My birthday is Feb. 7th. Make sure you mark your calendars!

I can’t believe it’s only been one year since I turned three! What a day that was! Actually, I can’t remember it at all. Luckily, I blogged about it. That isn’t as good as actually remembering, but it’s close.

I do remember that I asked for birthday presents last year. I wanted for all of my friends to donate $3.00 to the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. That was because I was three. Now that I’m going to be four, I’m asking if everyone could please donate $4.00. It’s not a whole lot. I probably eat that much in corn everyday. You can make your donation directly to our program at Texas A&M Vet School or you can use PayPal to transfer money to We use the PayPal account to provide scales so that people can weigh their capybaras. That helps them know if their capy is sick. When I was sick last year, MelT weighed me all the time so she could tell if I was getting better. The PayPal account also pays for ashes to be returned to people whose capybara has died and been necropsied at A&M. Losing a capybara makes people very, very sad and depressed. Sometimes having the ashes helps them not feel so bad.

Wow! That was the longest paragraph I have ever written! I guess it’s a sign that I am getting older. But just because I’m old doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate your donation.

This is baby Driftwood

Three was a good age for me because that’s when I got my pool. My pool is the best thing that ever happened to me…aside from getting Driftwood, my cat. I got him one week after I came to live with MelT. He’s been a good friend, but he might sleep even more than I do.

When we were babies

I thought I’d celebrate my friendship with Driftwood in this post. Driftwood never gets his own birthday post! But I do. And my life would be very different if I didn’t have Driftwood to help me through the hard times. Or maybe make my times a little harder. I wish he liked to swim.

I have a really, really tall photo coming up. It shows one photo of me and Driftwood taken around my birthday each year. You can see how much I’ve grown. Driftwood has grown too, only not as much.

Every year is special

You need to click on that photo so you can see it full size.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up! I hope MelT doesn’t put a birthday hat on me or make me break open a pinata. Unless it’s full of corn. Can I break it with my teeth?

Like last year, she wrote me a “birthday poem.” I wish she wouldn’t do that but she did it again this year. I hope this isn’t going to be a thing.

The Capybara and the Cat

Once upon a distant time
There lived a capybara
And a cat.
Thought the those were two mine
Neither of them
Believed that.
They tore their way down the halls
Clacking toes and
Green stains splattered on the walls
Shredding chairs in
False combat.
Through all four years I saw
The companions
Together sat.
Never holding paw in paw
Still greatest friends
Capy and cat.

Even if you don’t donate, which I understand, you can still leave me birthday wishes.

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