New Year, New Me (Just Kidding)

My new bed and my old bear

I do not know what this “New Year” thing is. One day it was the old year, next day it’s the new year. Doesn’t a whole year have to pass between those things? Who can understand humans! Or maybe MelT made the whole thing up.

MelT had a tiny party for New Year’s. It was just me, MelT, and Coral, but we still had fun. I got a brand new bed! Did you see it in the photo above? Coral gave it to me. The big drawback is that MelT will no longer let me sleep on the couch.

Our creek

It rained on January 2nd. It rained a whole lot. And then some more. We have a creek that goes across our property just behind the house. You can see it from the back porch and the big window-doors. Normally I can’t even see the water, but on this day it almost came into our yard. Luckily, I can swim. Even more luckily, I didn’t need to swim.

Green water

Speaking of swimming, I haven’t gone in the pool much. It’s not because the water is green, it’s because it is too cold. MelT hasn’t gone swimming AT ALL!

My good side

Both of my sides are my good side, but I think I look especially dignified in this photo. MelT says that photos can be misleading and I am not the creature I pretend to be.

The full picture

This is the uncropped photo. MelT seems to think the green marks and scratches in the door are some kind of problem. I don’t see why. Isn’t it evidence that a dignified capybara ambassador lives here?

In and out

The front gate is broken so MelT has been letting me eat on the back porch. This is me going outside. Isn’t it funny that you can be both inside and outside at the same time? I never thought of it before, but it is very confusing.

Consuming corn

I’m going to close with this photo of me consuming some corn. It is just as delicious on the back porch as in the front yard. That’s a good thing to know.

Oh! And my New Year’s resolution is to write a blog post every week! However, I have already not accomplished that and we are only two weeks in.

5 comments to New Year, New Me (Just Kidding)

  • Debbie Carlton

    Nice bed! You look so good in your pics! Modeling is one of your super powers! How does that door get those green marks? 😉

  • Jon

    Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with delicious snacks and warm water to swim in.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Hi Muddy…I luv your new bed and your old bear. I just watched a video of when you were a little girl and your bear was new. I don’t think you have a bad side – MelT lives with you all the time, so she gets to see all sides of you – your fans see the BEST side 🙂

    It is funny that you can be inside and outside at the same time. I agree that corn is good no matter where you eat it! Have a good winter — stay warm 🙂

  • Jackie Wren

    Awww. Skipper I miss you sweet girl. Oh, and MelT too!!! Give your human hugs from us.

  • Alana

    Hi Skipper! Happy New Year to all you guys and MeIT of course.

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