Happy Birthday to Me!

Looking my best

It’s my birthday! Yup. I was born on Feb. 7th 2014. That makes me very, very old. How old is that? Look for yourself.

My age

Pretty old, wouldn’t you say? I’m practically as old as the whole world, which is only 6,000 years old, as some say. MelT doesn’t say that. She thinks the world is billions of years old but I find it hard to believe it could have survived that long without me.

My age

MelT says it is kind of lying to say I am as old as I did above, and she knows about lying! It was accurate though so it wasn’t even a lie. Even so, I changed it. Maybe she’ll like this one better.

My age

I hope this appeases her. She is so picky sometimes.

My age

This is crazy! I know this one is right, and the others were right, too. She can’t possibly complain.

My age

She finally agreed that I can use this single digit as my age. It’s a bit of a letdown. I know it’s accurate, but it doesn’t look or sound nearly as impressive.

How much older I am

Even though MelT won’t let me put in any of my “big” ages (she says they are misleading), she said it was okay to put this number up. This is how much older I am today than I was yesterday. And that’s not all! If i had room, a lot of it, I could put as many 3s to the right of that number as I want to! 3s all the way to infinity. But I’m humble so I won’t do that.

Young at heart

As you can see, I am just as sprightly as I ever was, and jumping is still my superpower.

So, I hear what you’re saying, “Skipper, how can we help you celebrate the amazing four years you have spent on this planet?” Well, I have an idea! You can donate $4.00 to the ROUS Foundation, one dollar for each of my tremendous years. To do that, you can either use PayPal to send $4 to, or you can donate to the RF Fund at A&M

And don’t forget to say happy birthday to me on Facebook! I am the only Skipper Rous in the whole world, so I am easy to find.

7 comments to Happy Birthday to Me!

  • Jackie Wren


  • tne

    Happy birthday, Skipper! I made a donation of 4 x 10^1 to the ROUS Foundation. Writing in scientific notation is fun!

  • Chris

    I sent you 4×4 dollars. It’s not fancy math but I like it.

  • Francine Rossi

    You are so grown up and beautiful! And such a magnificent jumper. I am so glad I got to meet you in person. I tell people I SLEPT WITH A CAPYBARA! And they are very very envious.

    I donated more than $4 because I forgot to donate last year. Humans are silly that way!

  • Judy

    You are so generous Skipper Rous for asking for donations to tge Rous foundation instead of sending you presents. Love you and Happy Birthday

  • Moriah

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Skipper!! <3

  • Chad Bullock

    Happy birthday Muddy! I will definitely donate! May your birthday be joyful and great 🙂 hope your birthday was wonderful!

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