Spring is springing

A view from the back porch

Wow! Suddenly the weather is nice and the whole world has turned green! I have been waiting for this my whole life…or at least since last fall, that’s what MelT says anyway.

I wonder what’s out there.

Sometimes I look out through the fence and wonder what is out there. This makes me very nervous. Who knows how many jaguars are hiding in those bushes? Or maybe they are waiting on the banks of Capybara Creek. If an unwary capybara should wander by… Well, that capybara is not me! I’ll stay safe and sound inside the yard.

Things to eat

There’s a lot of fresh green grass for me to chew on, but MelT’s cap has a flavor that is hard to resist.

What’s up at the pool?

With the new warm weather, I was wondering if the pool had gotten to a capybara-tolerable temperature. Best to go check it out.


It is a funny thing about water, it looks the same whether it is hot or cold. I mean unless it is frozen or boiling. This water is daring me to put my paws in.

My unicorn noodle has seen better days.

MelT says she has been trying to find me a new unicorn noodle because my old one is all faded and black on the bottom. If this were true, wouldn’t I have a new noodle by now? If anyone knows where to get a new unicorn noodle, please let me know!!!!

YouTube Preview Image
Can you tell from this video how happy I am to be swimming again?

Check out my cute backward flip (flop) toward the end of the video. And my masterful exit jump.

Time to hop out

MelT says the water is not warm enough for humans yet so she didn’t get in with me. Maybe next week.

Don’t forget to look for a unicorn noodle for me!

4 comments to Spring is springing

  • Frances D Eby

    So happy in the water.

  • Francine Rossi

    Your video was just amazing! I can’t believe that you are the same capybara! Naturally your jumping superpowers are amazing as ever, your grace is unparalleled!

  • Matt W.

    Unfortunately the link to donate to the ROUS Foundation is not working. Seems like a broken link.

  • Judy

    So glad that you overcame your fear of this pool. Your jumping ,back flip skills are awesome! Can’t wait to see more videos of you swimming in your pool. I will definitely look fir a unicorn pool noodle for you. ❤❤❤❤

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