Things I Pretend to be

I hear human kids like to play pretend. So do capybaras. Or at least I do. All of my life I have pretended to be many things. Of course, being a capybara is the best possible thing to be, but I don’t need to pretend that.

Some things are hard to pretend to be. I got the eating part down pretty well for being a tortoise, but the round part was harder.

I was pretending to be an elephant but some people said I look more like a walrus.

This is an easy one since porcupines are also rodents.

Usually I pretend to be something in the water, but in this case I pretended to be from Tatarstan (that is in Russia). I only pretended because they have cute little hats. I think this one really flatters me. If I were a human, I would wear this all the time.

I think this is my best impersonation (imanimation?). I pull off a pretty good manatee. My only problem is that capybaras are so much cuter than manatees. I did my best not to be so cute, but I think I failed.

I don’t do a really great frog. I have the hind legs down, but my body isn’t square enough. And I am way, way too cute to be a frog. I don’t mind telling you that I don’t find frogs to be cute at all, even though MelT likes them.

My dolphin impression isn’t bad. I have the curve of their body down pretty well. I couldn’t figure out how to do a dorsal fin. Pink river  dolphins only have little tiny dorsal fins, so let’s say I am impersonating one of them. My belly is even pink.

Even though I like my manatee impression the best, I think this is probably my most convincing one. I don’t want to do an impression of a wild capybara being eaten by a jaguar though! 

Which impression do you think I do the best?

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