Wings in the Water

The weather has been hot lately and I have been taking advantage of it. Actually, I took advantage of it when it wasn’t so hot, and maybe even when it was a little chilly. MelT is such a wimp! She won’t go in the pool unless it is as warm as a “bathtub,” whatever that is.


Off I go!

Coming at ya!

Got ya!

I was pretending I was a shark, but I couldn’t pull it off. I think I might need a pointier nose. And maybe show my teeth a bit more. Well, it’s better to be a capybara than a shark anyway. You won’t catch me biting metal cages!


Why does MelT insist on humiliating me? Obviously this shot exaggerates the size of my butt. Even so, I don’t think it looks too big.

YouTube Preview Image 
Video of me swimming


1 comment to Wings in the Water

  • Judy

    You look magnificent swimming under water. Your butt does not look big. It is the perfect size for you. I am so glad that you are enjoying the pool and swimming is very good for you. Loce you Skipper Rouse!❤❤

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