Fantastic Fabric


There are many things that are adorned with capybaras. This is because capybaras are so adorable. I’m not bragging, but there is no hiding the truth. Well, one of the things that can and is adorned with capybaras is fabric. If you don’t know what fabric is, it is that stuff that your clothes are made out of but before they become clothes.

Capybaras on green

This is that same fabric as above only showing more of it. I am not sure why the capys have to share fabric space with turtles, ducks and… I’m guessing monkeys? I guess we are magnanimous like that. And it goes with our reputation for getting along with everyone.

Capybaras on pink

This fabric is very similar except the background is pink. Turns out capybaras are cute on any color background.

Floating capybaras

I think this fabric is inspired by the capybaras in Japanese zoos who have baths with yellow fruit in them. The capys don’t eat the fruit but maybe they make the water taste better. As you know if you follow my blog – and the evidence is that you do – water tastes best when it is green.

I am not sure why the tops of the capybaras’ noses are white. Maybe the sun is shinning on them? Maybe they have sunscreen on?

At any rate, the capys look happy. One even has a bird sitting on its back, which is every capybara’s dream.

Capy in the jungle

This little capybara looks so happy! I always thought it might be nice to live in the jungle.I have a small forest in my yard, but it’s not the same thing.

Run, capybara! Run!

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I don’t live in the jungle. The place is crawling with jaguars! I can hardly stand to look at this fabric. Hopefully the jaguars will eat the anteaters, coatis, and sloths and leave the capybaras alone.

What’s with the glasses?

This fabric is more realistic, except that the capybara is wearing glasses. I hope she doesn’t lose those glasses or the jaguars are going to get her for sure.

Capy quilt

One thing you can do with fabric is make a quilt. MelT made this one to send to Stacy Winnick for her capybara, Dobby’s birthday. It might be hard to see in the photo, but there is a lot of capybara fabric in there.

Dobby would have been eleven on February 14th, but he died two years ago. It is very, very hard to lose a capy friend. We are the best friends a person can have. (Seriously, dogs? Get real.) Dobby was a very special capybara and has been featured on this blog about 100 times. We all still miss him. But it is good to remember happy times, like his birthday, rather than how sad we are.

The back of Dobby’s quilt

This is what the back of the quilt looks like. You can see it is made of that fabric where the capybara is wearing glasses. Apparently we also ride bicycles.

ROUS Foundation logo

Did you notice that the back of the quilt has a ROUS Foundation logo on it? Stacy is a big part of the RF and Dobby was a major capybara advocate and fundraiser. 

My bear is sleeping

My bear took a nap on the quilt before we sent it off.

Dobby on his 3rd birthday

Does anyone out there have any capybara fabric to share?


6 comments to Fantastic Fabric

  • Stephanie

    Luv the “floating capybara” fabric

  • jon

    It’s all so fantastic.

  • Francine Rossi

    These are wonderful!! I didn’t know you made quilts!

  • Chad

    These are so adorable and wonderful!

  • Moriah

    I absolutely LOVE all of these fabrics!!! I need capybara fabric in my life.

  • Carolin

    I am writing for the first time here. I adore capys, and have really appreciated the videos on youtube. I wish I were neighbors with Melanie and her capys. These fabrics are very sweet. I wonder where they can be found or purchased. I hope you are well. Any friend of a capy is a friend of mine. 😀 I am wishing and praying that all of you capy lovers and owners and capys are safe and healthy and well.

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