In Memoriam: Cato Ross

Cato Ross, a young capybara

Cato Ross

Seems like there is a lot of sadness in the capybara community lately. Last week we lost a youngster, Cato Ross, beloved friend and companion of Laura Ross. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Cato Ross” »

A Eulogy for Garibaldi Rous



It has been two weeks since Garibaldi Rous died so I guess I’d better get on with it and write his eulogy.

Monday, March 10th would have been Gari’s 4th birthday. I knew he was very sick but somehow I always thought he would make it to that day. Humans often die right after their birthdays, holding on until the milestone is met and then surrendering to the inevitable. I guess since capybaras don’t know when their birthday is, they don’t do that.

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In Memoriam: Garibaldi Rous

Love on Four Feet

Love on Four Feet

It is with the greatest sadness and pain that I am writting this short post to let you know that Garibaldi Rous died on Sunday, Feb.  16th, just shy of his fourth birthday.

As many of you know, Gari had been fighting a long battle with an infection in his teeth and jaw. When we last took him to the vet, on Thursday, Feb. 13th, he seemed healthy and we had every expectation that in spite of the traumatic removal of his first molar on the lower right, he would recover, at least temporarily. However, he had trouble coming out of the anesthesia and was still a bit groggy when we headed home from A&M. About a half hour into the drive, I called Dr. Hoppes to let her know that I was worried about him and hat his condition seemed to be deteriorating. She told me that the preliminary blood tests had come back and Gari had elevated levels of a kidney enzyme, something we had not seen before. However,  she believed that this, while not good, was not serious, and that it explained why he was having some much trouble recovering from the anesthesia. She believed he would probably feel better in the morning. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Garibaldi Rous” »

Protected: The Birth of Rocco, un Carpincho Mascota

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In Memoriam: Rocco, un Carpincho Mascota


A Loving Eye

Owner’s blog:

It is always hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but it is never harder than when the pet is a capybara. Every single capybara is a unique and wonderful creature whose demanding love forever changes those around them. Rocco is a special story though because, unlike every other capy I have blogged about, Rocco was born wild. His is a hard story, but it needs to be told. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Rocco, un Carpincho Mascota” »