Visiting Jinxx, the baby capybara

Baby capybara with woman's feet wearing cat socks

Self portrait with Jinxx

A Melanie’s Mondays Post:

This “Melanie’s Mondays” thing is really not working out. They are NEVER on Monday. Still, we’re going with it. This week I’m posting about my recent visit with Jinxx Capybara Wren, also known as babyJinxx Capybara on FaceBook. He’s worth a follow if you aren’t following him already. His owner, Jackie, says he’ll always be a baby to her, even when he is the 170 lbs she is hoping he will reach.

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In Memoriam: Winston Bumblebee Barcode th 1st

Guinea pig running in front of a pet capybara lying next to a window

Skipper with WBB1

A Melanie’s Mondays post

It is with great sadness that I share the news that our beloved friend and companion, Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st has died. He is already greatly missed. As you can see from the photo above, WBB1 was a uniquely handsome and athletic guinea pig.

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Skipper’s Caplin Day 2017

Capybara sitting in a wading pool eating a popsicle

No wonder Caplin liked these

Caplin Day has come and gone, but now I can’t wait until next year! What a fun holiday! I just sit in my little wading pool while MelT feeds me one popsicle after another. You really can’t beat that.

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A Capy Mother’s Song

Wild capybara mother with three babies

Tell us a story!

I left my mother when I was only seven days old. I know! Way too young. I don’t know why my mother’s people took me away from her, it just happened. But even so, I learned some things from her. Every baby capybara learns the Song of the Dangers from the very first day they are born. My mother used to sing it to me and my siblings as we went to sleep, which we did a lot in those days.

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House (un)Cleaning

Selfie of Mudskipper (Muddy) and Melanit (MelT)

Me and MelT, so happy together?

You almost never get to see a photo of me with MelT. To be honest, it’s because she embarrasses me. I can’t introduce her to my capybara friends, what would they say? “You poor thing! Having to live with that witch!” Well, it’s hard, but the hardest part is dealing with her fanatical cleaningContinue reading “House (un)Cleaning” »